Kissing With Tongue Piercings

Kissing With Tongue PiercingsTongue piercings are erotic and fun! But do you know the facts about kissing with tongue piercings?

You have got to make sure the tongue piercing heals before you show your love kissing. When you get your tongue pierced, it is normal for it to develop a swelling. You need to wait for the swelling to subside and this may take a week or ten days.

The swelling normally begins to go down in three or four days.  But soon after the piercing, the swelling can make your tongue almost twice its size! Can you imagine kissing with that when you can barely talk? 🙂

So just wait for a week, or max, ten days to allow the swelling to go down completely. After that, kissing with tongue piercings is okay. In any case, you want to be careful and not go rough on the tongue as it can irritate the piercing.

If you swap saliva when you kiss, there is the risk of foreign bacteria getting into the piercing and you know what that means – infection and pain that prolong the healing. Probably the best thing to do would be to just hang in there until the piercing is totally healed. Even after it has healed you want to take care not to chip your teeth or your partner’s teeth on the jewelry. Who wants to end up in the dentist’s chair getting teeth capped? So just watch out for the swelling and the healing before kissing with tongue piercings.

Generally, while kissing with tongue piercings, regardless of whether you are the one with the piercing or your partner, or both, it is not very different from when you kiss without the piercing. Usually the tongue piercing is far back into the tongue and you can be quite careful. It is simply a matter of adjustment once your swelling has gone and your piercing has healed.

You must make sure that you get the longer barbell changed for the right size after the healing is complete, since long barbells can be pretty awkward when kissing with tongue piercings.

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