Is It Safe To Drink Beer After Having Tongue Piercing?

Can you drink beer after tongue piercing?

You have finally gone and got your tongue pierced. You are wearing an exciting tongue barbell and you can’t wait to show it off to all your friends at this evening party. The beer will flow and you are very much looking forward to enjoying yourself. But wait!

Did someone tell you that drinking beer after your tongue piercing is not safe because it can cause an infection? If you are worrying, then stop, because it is not true. You will soon learn why! 😉

Yeast is used in a variety of preparations like the bread and other bakery items we love so much to raise the flour to give it that yummy taste. Yeast is also used to brew beer. But you know what?

There are different kinds of yeast, which we can broadly divide into the good and bad. The good yeast is the type that is used in edible stuff. The bad yeast is the one that causes infections and diseases. In this scenario, what we need to know, without going into the different strains of yeast, is that brewers and bakers definitely do not use yeast that would cause infections in their products!

So you need not worry about the safety of drinking beer after a tongue piercing.

As far as oral yeast infections are concerned, there is a strain of yeast called Candida present in varying degrees in the mucus membrane of all human beings. It thrives in all those warm and moist places in our body usually without causing any problems. There are different factors that play a role in causing a oral yeast infections through Candida.

Oral yeast infections occur as a result of bad hygiene and also because the aftercare instructions were not properly followed. Infection causing yeast has nothing to do with beer! There are several strains of yeast used in different beer brewing flavors and styles and none of them are responsible for causing oral yeast infections.

Therefore, you can safely drink beer after having a tongue piercing. Tell your friends about this, because you might be able to clear up any misconceptions they might be having about this.

Go ahead, then, and enjoy your party! 😉

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