Tongue Piercing in Vegas

This tongue piercing video was sent in by Aleta in Vegas!

I decided to get my tongue pierced just a few years ago here in Vegas. Also in St. Ink’s – a place where I got my dermal anchor.

The reason why I decided to get my tongue piercing was because I just ran out of other things to pierce – so I just wanted one more and I went for a quick one with some of my friends 😉

It didn’t cause me problems with healing – it just got a bit swollen.

They tell you when you get it pierced to eat soup for a few days and what not and that it can get infected very easily.

Tongue Piercing in Vegas

Also they tell you to get a really good piercer to do it or else you can really screw up your tongue.

But I didn’t really have any problems.

At first – for a day or so – I was trying to eat soup but I got frustrated with that and gave up! I just started back on regular foods and I didn’t really have any problems with it after that.

Tongue Piercing in Vegas

Once the swelling went down after a day or so, I didn’t have any more difficulties or trouble eating! 😉

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