Tongue Web Adventure

This tongue piercing story was sent in by Hannah from Leicester, NC.

Tongue Web Piercing Story

Hi 🙂 My name is Hannah. I’ll share the story of how I got my tongue web piercing!

For my 15th birthday, my parents took me to get my tongue web pierced. I was so scared! My mother would always express how painful it would be because she wanted to scare me out of getting it – hehe. Of course it didn’t work  😉

We chose the same shop I got my helix, eyebrow, and nose pierced in because everyone there was friendly and professional. My piercer was very kind, he explained the steps that were going to be taken to pierce my tongue web. He was going to use a single-use needle (and no clamps) to pierce me.

I was terrified of the pain even though I have a high pain tolerance hehe. Once he told me to take a deep breath in, I was expecting the worst. But alas, the pain was nothing! 😉

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Tongue Experiment

This tongue piercing story was sent in by Debra from Indianapolis. 

Tongue Piercing Experiment

I was super nervous about getting my tongue pierced. I found someone to do it for 20 bucks and I took my adult handicapped brother with me 😉

He was laughing and smiling the whole time. I told him to hold my hand and he kept laughing the whole time I was screaming! 😡

I was upset because once it was done I couldn’t believe I had gone through with it. I’ve had it done for about 2 years now and I just dropped my whole case of rings down the sink trying to clean the balls.

I am upset but oh well I can get it redone later. I hope my story has amused you!

Don’t be afraid! Just do it! 😉


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Diet With a Tongue Ring

This tongue piercing story was sent in by Nancy Miller from Addy, Washington

Tongue Piercing Story

Well one morning when I was 15 I woke up and I wanted my tongue pierced.

My mother had just got her tax return and I was asking if I could go get it done. I had never wanted it pierced until that day!

She said yes so we drove to Silver Safari.

I made an appointment for that day and they told me to go ice my tongue so I did. Then my time came and I went into their piercing spot.

They drew the dot on me and then proceeded to pierce my tongue. I was surprised that it didn’t hurt at all, and then I paid and left.

Then we went and ate which I didn’t think about before the piercing… My tongue had swollen to like a golf ball and I could barely eat!

But after about a week the swelling went down and I had lost 8 pounds ❗


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The day of my life!

By Joshua from Nebraska.

It was the day of my piercing and i kept asking myself if i should do it or not because my friends kept telling me i shouldnt! i was scared it was going to hurt! but when i got to the shop i was a little scared but then it went away! and then they went to do it and it acctually didnt hurt!! it was great!

The not-so-needed webbing

By Natasha from Sycamore, Illinois.

Okay, so I’ve got this friend. I’ve know her since preschool, and we’ve been best friends ever since. So, she, out of the blue, she decided to pierce her webbing. she posted some pictures up on myspace, and i thought they looked pretty cute. so, i decided i wanted one.

If i had asked my parents it would have been an absoloute no, so they still don’t know. and the day i got it pierced was 11-6-09. so, the next time we hung out, she pierced it for me. at first i was all like yeah! lets do this shit! and then, as i was sitting down and she was about to stick it through, i got so freaked out, i panicked. she stopped, and said, okay, i’ll just pierce my ear. so, she shoves the needle through her thick ass ear, ands shes all like omg that was no physical pain at all. so, me being the brilliant one i am, spotted some numbing stuff for your teeth, and i put it on my webbing thing and then it was all like BAM it was in.

I was sweating my boobs off. my heart was racing and oh my, i thought i wa going to pass out, but it didn’t even hurt at all. now, since she wasn’t a professional or anything, we looked up the aftercare stuff together and we went over it and such. and since i did it yesterday, it’s still not healing, but i am keeping it clean. it was pretty cool, because the needle was just sticking through my tongue, and i am absoloutley terrified of needles, and i was so proud of myself to not be like, freaking out because there was a freaking needle through my tongue. haha. but anyways, it was pretty cool, and it turned out great. if you’re thinking about getting one, go for it.

You did what?!

By Melissa, Watertown, USA.


i have wanted to get my tongue pierced since high school.

i will be 30 next month and have decided to give myself an early birthday gift. i went to an evolution ink where i was suggested to go to because it is very clean and the people are nice.

i went in a week ago and got it done. i asked any questions i had and got the answers i needed. i did get most of my questions from the web. i watched as the piercer got prepared and prepped the things he needed. then it was my turn to get prepped. i had to gargle and put on a “bib” for the saliva. i felt like i was in the dentists office. i leaned back with my arms on the table and closed my eyes. i told the piercer to get it done and over with so i did not have to know when the pain was coming.

it felt like a prick, almost like getting stung by a bee. i love my tongue pierce and so does my husband. i was able to eat right away but still have to be careful. i definitely will tell others how much i like my piercing 😀

My first tongue piercing

By Cari, South Sioux City, Nebraska

Tongue Piercing Story

I just turned 18 and it was legal for me to get any piercings or tats done without my parents consent.

So my sis told me i could get my tongue pierced for a bday present from her because she knew how much i wanted it done! The tongue piercing was my third piercing I had done – i’ve had my cartilage pierced and Id had my earlobes pierced.

I was ready to get it done cuz i heard from my 2 cousins and my sis how it don’t hurt to get it done at all u dont feel anything – biting your tounge hurts hella worse. 😆 They said it is kinda hard to eat afterwards and hurts a couple days after cuz of the after pain affects.

I went to Painless Pinworks in Sioux City Iowa in the mall here. The piercer’s name was Brandon he was so friendly he made me feel really comfortable and made me feel like i could trust him and he talked to me like he he knew me well even though this is the first time i have met him! 🙂

To start off he gave me a plastic cup with non alcoholic mouthwash he told me to swish it around in my mouth for 30secs then spit it back in the cup.After that he asked if i was nervous i said kinda not really but my sis got it done and she said it don’t hurt at all and he said thats what alot of people say.

Then he asked if i was ready i said ya then he said – just breath normally with his hand on my heart/chest like u r doing now then he took the napkin and dried my tongue and then opened the sanitized clamp things and after that he stuck the needle in and took it out and put the tongue ring in.

And after that he got up and i said that’s it and he said yup. I’m like – wow that didn’t hurt took only 2-3 secs. 😀 Then he talked about washing with nonalc mouthwash for 30secs after i get done eating or drinking anything. He told me take midol 3 times a day for the swelling cuz it will help the pain go away.He also said eating/sucking on crushed ice will help alot. He said don’t drink alcohol, beer. The only alcoholic drink u can drink is vodka cuz its ok to drink vodka.

He said in a couple days you’ll have a sore throat cuz of the healing process. He said if i didn’t like the piercing that i got they have a policy where i can go back and tell them if i didn’t like it and then they’ll pierce anything else i want to have pierced for free.

He said in 2-8wks it will heal he said i can come back when it’s healed and replace the first tongue ring with another tongue ring for free. Then he asked if i got a tongue piercing aftercare packet thing. I said no he said alright u can follow me and i can get you one i said alright. I followed him and he showed me the packet type thing went over it with me like everything he went over with me in the room was in that packet he knew everything he was doing he also showed me the phone number to that place i got it done by him at.

Then it also had his number on the aftercare packet where he said i could call him anytime if i had questions about my tongue or if i needed anything that he’d be there to answer all the questions i had or concerns about the tongue or if i thought something might have been wrong or didn’t look right to call and he’d get me in right away to see him!

I’ve been taking good care of my piercing – I’ve been taking midol everyday 3 times a day morning afternoon and night and mouth washing after i drink or eat anything for 30 secs. The first day after i got it pierced it was numb and was hard to eat anything i couldn’t eat anything cuz it hurt to much it was numb the only thing i ate was mushroom soup and i went to dairy queen and got a strawberry banana smoothie to drink.

It was thick – it was hard to drink/sip through the straw so i took the lid off and kinda took a lil sip to get sum in the straw then took the straw out and sucked it helped cuz it hurt to sip through it but it really really did help the numbness and pain i really recommend this the first day or every time u feel numbness or pain cuz it helps so much its a pain reliever to me it is.

I could eat somewhat the second day the 3rd day was easiest to eat. I could eat popcorn chicken,chicken fried rice and other stuff the only thing that i couldn’t eat cuz it was really hard to eat and hurt to eat was cheeseburgers for some reason the only thing i couldn’t eat was that cuz it kinda hurt and bothered the tongue piercing.

I did get sore throats which is normal part of healing and they do hurt but if u get one a couple days after u get ur tounge pierced its normal sign of healing.Another effect of the tongue piercing during healing – you’ll spit a lot more and it will kinda be thickish and sometimes it will feel like u have a piece of hair in your mouth but its actually spit and sometimes you might drool its all normal and a part of healing.

All I know is – i’m very pleased and satisfied with this piercing! 😀 I love it cant wait to get to wear other rings I’m very happy and satisfied with this piercing and the place i got it done at and the piercer named Brandon – I really trust him he wasn’t pushy n he made me feel relaxed.

I’m very pleased with their prices also – all body piercings are only 25 dollars thats including the jewelry. I do recommend anyone who wants to get it done but is kinda scared and worried to do it right away don’t let the worry get to u put all of the scared and worry behind and think happy thoughts then you’ll be fine be fine.

I suggest just be brave and go do it when u want to just so u can get it done and over with! 😉

Tongue Piercing – Second Time OK

By Holly aged 18, Texas

Tongue Piercing Story

Hi I’m Holly from Texas and I had my tongue pierced about a year ago now. My experience has been a little different to most people as it took two attempts to get the piercing that I wanted. I’ll start by giving my experience of the first piercer I went to see.

I was 17 and I had decided to have a tongue piercing after my cousin had shown me hers. It just seemed so cool. So I booked myself in with our local piercer and went to see him to discuss what tongue stud I wanted. When it came to the actual piercing it was quite painful. But that wasn’t the end of it.

Even after I had my piercing, the guy hadn’t told me how to look after the piercing. I didn’t know what to do and so I just left it thinking I could eat just about everything. I was so wrong. A few days into the piercing and my tongue really hurt. I went to the doctors and they said I had an infection as the piercing hadn’t been done properly.

I ended up taking the tongue stud out and it took months to heal my tongue. You would have thought that the experience would have put me off but after talking to my cousin she persuaded me to try her piercer. So I went and was really nervous about the whole thing (understandably). But this time the piercing went really well. I hardly felt anything, the guy was really nice and he told me exactly how to look after the piercing. It healed after a few months and I love my new piercing.

So my advice is to be sure about the piercer that you choose. If you have any doubts then go to see another piercer and see which one you prefer!

Painless Tongue Piercing

By Andrew aged 18, New York

Tongue Piercing Story

My tongue piercing was my third facial piercing and so I kind of knew what to expect. I’d had my cartilage pierced and I’d had two earlobe piercings too so I was fully prepared for any pain that my tongue piercing would cause me. I’d heard a lot of horror stories about piercings going wrong and how hard to heal tongue piercings were. I was a little nervous but how much I wanted the piercing far outweighed the potential down sides!

I went to the same piercer as I always went to in New York. I live quite a distance from the salon but I prefer them over my local. That’s one thing I would advise – always go to a piercer that you can trust. Your local piercer may not be the best option and if they don’t do it right you could end up with a nasty infection – not pretty!

Anyway I had a consultation with the piercer; they told me how to look after the piercing to prevent an infection. Then I chose the jewelry that I wanted to go in it. Then the process began. I was lucky that they weren’t fully booked that day so they could do the piercing then and there. It didn’t leave me much chance to get nervous so if you are worried about it I definitely recommend you do it on the spur of the moment!

My tongue was numbed, the piercing began and I felt absolutely nothing. Even when the ring went in I didn’t really feel anything. It was less painful than my cartilage piercing which I found quite bizarre. Anyway I looked after the piercing well and now I love it and I’m glad I had it done.

I’d definitely recommend it!