Gem Tongue Rings

Gem tongue rings along with tongue piercing are extremely popular and most people keep adding to their collection because they are such fun to wear and cool to look, whether you wear them at parties, discos or at special events. It is a fact that tongue rings make you look unusual and exotic! 😉

The variety available is quite mind-boggling so the only difficulty you will probably have is in making a choice – because practically every gem tongue ring you will see will look attractive and affordable.

If you have a tongue piercing, consider wearing gem tongue rings. They look beautiful and come in an assortment of designs, colors and gems. Most are of 14-gauge thickness, 5/8 inch long and made from 316L surgical steel that is safe to wear.

The steel ball at the end has a pretty gemstone set into it. The most popular ones are colored gemstones set into barbell tongue rings made of 36L surgical steel. Gemstones like the Austrian crystal amethyst, aquamarine gem, aurora gem, black diamond, blue opals, emeralds, fuchsia, golden shadow gem, hyacinth gems, Indicolite gems, jonquil, light Colorado gems, light sapphire gems and plenty more!

A definitely unusual stunner is the blue gem surgical steel spinner barbell tongue ring that looks fabulously attractive when you wear it. The straight barbell is embellished with UV acrylic balls and a gem set steel spinner, which you can actually spin over your tongue. You can look like a bombshell in blue or pretty in pink with these spinners.

You will find a variety of beautiful Swarovski crystal gem tongue rings online. These dazzling classic stainless steel barbell gem tongue rings have a genuine Swarovski crystal set to sparkle in a little ball.

Enjoy your gem tongue rings but remember to clean your tongue ring before you insert it into your tongue piercing!

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