10-in-1 Interchangeable Tongue Rings

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Large Gauge Tongue Rings

Many people prefer to wear large gauge tongue rings after they stretch their tongue piercing. Tongue rings are available in a wide range of gauges as you might already know. 😉 The standard size is the 14 gauge. 12 or 10 gauge and even larger – up to 00 are used for stretched tongue piercings. Most body jewelry and piercers will keep a gauge chart for their reference to see the actual size of the rings. When we say large gauge tongue rings, we actually mean the diameter of the ring as well as the piercing where the piercer will insert the barbell or captive bead ring. Body jewelry thickness is measured using the American wire gauge system.

Tongue Piercing Gauges

As you would have noticed, the larger gauge tongue rings have a small gauge number since small diameters are referred to with larger gauge numbers and vice versa. So if you are told 20 gauge it would be a tiny nose ring. While belly piercings use the standard 14 gauge, eyebrow rings can be 16 gauge. This means that gauge depends on the kind of body piercing you have opted for.

You can find a variety of large gauge tongue rings here – just scroll down and have a look around! Large piercings need thicker sized jewelry. Some people just love the look of large gauge tongue rings and can stretch their tongue piercings to incredible sizes! ❗ One of the most stylish is the 12 Gauge steel barbell Tongue Ring finished to a high gloss. This barbell is about 19 mm long and made of 316L surgical stainless steel with two highly polished 6 mm surgical steel ball ends. Steel is a safe material for body jewelry and suits most people.

Similarly there are also 10-gauge steel barbell tongue rings 16 mm long with 6 mm steel ball ends. If you prefer to make a statement then the 6 gauge steel barbell with the 19 mm shaft and 8 mm steel ball ends looks really good. Among the most striking looking large gauge tongue rings is the 00 gauge that is 19 mm long and made of stainless steel with 12 mm balls!

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Internally Threaded Tongue Rings

The tongue is a delicate area and to ensure that your tongue piercing heals soon, internally threaded tongue rings are a great option.

Since the tongue is highly sensitive, naturally, you would want to minimize the possibility of pain and infection so that it heals quickly. Who would like the tongue piercing to be damaged when the tongue ring is inserted? To make sure that you have a smooth tongue piercing experience, go in for internally threaded tongue rings.

In general, internally threaded body jewelry is the best choice if you plan to get any piercing done for various reasons. When you get your tongue pierced, it tends to swell. Even though this is one piercing that is reputed to heal faster than other body piercing, you still have to take care to see that it does not get infected or develops any fungal infections, being a moist area.

If you are worrying that internally threaded tongue rings would be more expensive than others, then you must know that the benefits far outweigh the extra price.

Unlike externally threaded jewelry with threading or grooves on the outer surface which resulting in constant contact with the new piercing, internally threaded tongue rings are different. Here the threaded bar is attached to the ball of the barbell. Once the piercing is done, the smooth shaft of the barbell is inserted safely in the piercing after which the threaded bar of the barbell is inserted into the shaft, without ever touching the pierced area.

Intricate in its design, the top quality internally threaded tongue rings are manufactured with the thread not only glued to the ball, but also inserted in it for greater strength.

As soon as the piercing is done, it is better to wear an internally threaded tongue rings with a longer shaft. This can be replaced with a shorter shaft after the swelling subsides.

In fact, some of this jewelry comes designed with a changeable shaft or stem as per your needs, while retaining the balls at the end as both the balls can be screwed off. This means you wouldn’t have to go in for two different tongue rings – a long one at the time of piercing and a shorter one later on. The choice is totally yours when it comes to the size of the balls at the end of the shaft since there is quite a variety available in this case as well!

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Fake Tongue Rings

If you are very keen to get your tongue pierced but can’t because you are scared of the pain or because your mom says no, here is some good news. You can go for fake tongue rings! These fantastic pieces of fake body jewelry do not require your tongue to be actually pierced so your folks will certainly not object to them. 😉

Best of all, they are so easy to wear. You can get a collection for yourself and show off before your friends, who will surely admire your tongue jewelry, thinking that you have actually had a tongue piercing. Just imagine, no needle, no pain, no piercing. You can simply wear a fake tongue ring by attaching it to your tongue. It works by suction and you can just take it off when you don’t want to wear it any more!

How To Wear A Fake Tongue Ring

All you have to do is place the ball between your teeth and press your tongue up to it. As you suck on the fake tongue ring, it will fix itself to your tongue to look like a real tongue piercing. Just remember to take it off when you go to sleep, or when you swim or bathe. Do not wear it when you eat or kiss. If by chance you do happen to swallow it, get medical help right away.

Fake tongue rings are made out of high quality material that does not cause allergic reactions. These rings are washable and can be used over and over!

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Gem Tongue Rings

Gem tongue rings along with tongue piercing are extremely popular and most people keep adding to their collection because they are such fun to wear and cool to look, whether you wear them at parties, discos or at special events. It is a fact that tongue rings make you look unusual and exotic! 😉

The variety available is quite mind-boggling so the only difficulty you will probably have is in making a choice – because practically every gem tongue ring you will see will look attractive and affordable.

If you have a tongue piercing, consider wearing gem tongue rings. They look beautiful and come in an assortment of designs, colors and gems. Most are of 14-gauge thickness, 5/8 inch long and made from 316L surgical steel that is safe to wear.

The steel ball at the end has a pretty gemstone set into it. The most popular ones are colored gemstones set into barbell tongue rings made of 36L surgical steel. Gemstones like the Austrian crystal amethyst, aquamarine gem, aurora gem, black diamond, blue opals, emeralds, fuchsia, golden shadow gem, hyacinth gems, Indicolite gems, jonquil, light Colorado gems, light sapphire gems and plenty more!

A definitely unusual stunner is the blue gem surgical steel spinner barbell tongue ring that looks fabulously attractive when you wear it. The straight barbell is embellished with UV acrylic balls and a gem set steel spinner, which you can actually spin over your tongue. You can look like a bombshell in blue or pretty in pink with these spinners.

You will find a variety of beautiful Swarovski crystal gem tongue rings online. These dazzling classic stainless steel barbell gem tongue rings have a genuine Swarovski crystal set to sparkle in a little ball.

Enjoy your gem tongue rings but remember to clean your tongue ring before you insert it into your tongue piercing!

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White Gold Tongue Rings

If you have a tongue piercing and want to get a gold tongue ring, it is a very good idea to choose a white gold tongue ring. Do you know why?

Since these tongue rings have no nickel content you can be rest assured that you would not have to worry about any allergic reaction! 🙂

Interestingly, white gold can be of different types based on the metal it is combined with. These white gold alloys have various uses, depending on what they are used for. For example, nickel alloys are really strong and make good rings or pins. Gold palladium alloys are easy to mold and are used for setting gemstones in white gold.

The best quality white gold is the 18 carat containing gold and palladium mainly, although sometimes other metals like copper, silver, and platinum could also be used to give it weight and strength. Allergic reactions to nickel are quite rare and occur in people who have been wearing white gold alloys for a long time. It can result in skin irritation, and for this reason, white gold tongue piercing jewelry is made without the nickel to avoid allergic reactions.

As you shop for your white gold tongue ring, you will find a variety of 14-carat white gold barbell tongue rings that look really cool. Most people go in for a collection to mix and match with what they are wearing. The barbells are usually 16-gauge solid white gold and the most popular design is the straight barbell. The tongue rings are highly polished for safe contact with your skin.

Although there are different kinds of materials out there like stainless steel, silver etc., you should opt for white gold. Silver can sometimes tarnish and cause irritation, and so can stainless steel for some people. The 14-carat white gold tongue ring is the ideal choice that will allow you to enjoy your tongue piercing! 😉

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Bioplast Tongue Rings

Wonderfully colorful and available in different shapes and sizes, the Bioplast tongue ring is a fabulous piece of tongue jewelry that is totally comfortable to wear. It is flexible and biocompatible, which means it is body friendly and safe to wear!

Bioplast tongue rings look incredibly sexy and fashionable with their stylish designs ranging from circular 6 mm ball endings to cubical dice shaped endings in a range of colors.

There are mesmerizing shades like the elegant black, rich red, cool electric blues, multicolored tongue rings, striped, pretty purple, blue green astro star, and lots more. Of 14 gauge thickness, the Bioplast Flex Barbell is made according to universal standards for materials that are allowed to be used for body jewelry.

Why Bioplast Tongue Rings?

Because of their flexibility, Bioplast tongue rings are unlikely to cause swelling or infection when you wear them. Since there is no nickel used in making them, you need not worry about any allergic reactions. You can sterilize the shaft of the Bioplast tongue ring by autoclave up to 121 degree centigrade. With all these benefits, you will naturally heal a lot faster than with other materials. Particularly, if you are getting tongue piercing done for the first time, then Bioplast tongue rings are the way to go, because they are they are made of the best and the safest material!

The choice of design is mind-boggling. Show your love for your country, be a patriot and wear a Bioplast Black American flag Logo Barbell Tongue Ring. Or wear a cute colorful black and blue mushroom logo tongue ring. How about a black flames logo barbell tongue ring? You can even cast the dice by wearing a Bioplast tongue ring featuring a combination of flames and dice. If you are going out on a date, try the hot lips logo tongue ring.

So go ahead and enjoy the collection of super body-friendly Bioplast tongue rings! 🙂

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Glow In The Dark Tongue Rings

Glow In The Dark Tongue RingsAs an option of having something that the others don’t you can get tongue rings that glow in the dark.

These glow in the dark tongue rings are great value and you can actually get a few of them when you’re buying some new body jewelry.

Similarly to flashing tongue rings, these tongue rings are a great way of standing out from the crowd. You are guaranteed to have people’s attention!!

And the choice of styles and colors is endless – and they start at just $1.99 – thats up to 80% off RRP!! Click on any link below to see prices, larger views and the full range available.

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Flashing Tongue Ring

Flashing Tongue RingDo you want to draw attention to yourself at the night club? Or you’re probably just bored wearing ordinary tongue body jewelry all the time?

Then a flashing tongue ring is exactly what you’re looking for!

What can be a better moment of surprise to someone having a chat with you than seeing flashing light when you open your mouth?

And you know – you could even probable find a practical use to your flashing tongue ring! Imagine you’ve been out the whole night and coming home. And you just can’t find the damn keyhole to unlock the door! Well – just thrust out your tongue and you have a miniature torch! OK, maybe you never get to a condition when you can’t find a keyhole, but anyway – I think you got the idea! 🙂

Personally I have had situations when I’ve needed a tiny source of light and nothing suitable had been at hand!

The flashing tongue ring comes made from surgical grade stainless steel and it blinks two different colors – green and red. There’s a battery fitted into the top ball of the tongue ring, and you can unscrew it when you need to change it.

So if you need something really unique – a flashing tongue ring is certainly going to add that unique look to your tongue piercing!

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Flexible Tongue Rings

Flexible Tongue RingsFlexible tongue ring has a few advantages over ones made of metal – steel, titanium or even gold.

First of all, flexible tongue rings are made of plastic and they are much lighter than the metallic ones. You will barely feel it when it’s inserted into your tongue!

And the second advantage – it’s flexible! If compared to others, the flexible tongue rings allow for a bigger range of movements and it’s especially important during the very first stage of the healing process.

In this regard I have to mention a very good material such tongue rings come in – Bioplast. This material is flexible, biocompatible and facilitates the healing process at the same time reducing the possibility of getting a tongue piercing infection.

So if you’re considering a flexible tongue ring – Bioplast is the right material to go for, that’s for sure! You can also get other kinds of tongue rings which are elastic, and one that is worth mentioning is a PTFE barbell. This material is even more flexible than Bioplast and the only drawback it has – it doesn’t come with logos and funny words like the Bioplast tongue rings.

However, taking into account that the first tongue ring usually has to be changed to a smaller one, you will probably find that a PTFE barbell is the best for this purpose. It’s relatively cheap, can be cut to the needed size and by the way – PTFE is an implant material. Besides – its balls come in many different colors and you won’t have to put up with wearing a boring plain initial tongue body jewelry.

And by the way – don’t get confused when you see these piercings called pregnancy belly rings. They can be actually inserted whenever you wish, it’s just that they’re most popular among pregnant women who want to keep their belly piercings while the piercing stretches.

With this having said, you’ll be probably on the safe side if choosing a PTFE flexible tongue ring at the moment of getting pierced, and a piece of Bioplast body jewelry later on when the initial piece of jewelry is changed to a smaller one as the tongue’s swelling goes down.

But if you’re having your tongue piercing already for a good while – just browse among the large array of available Bioplast flexible tongue rings and get the ones your heart desires!

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