Vibrating Tongue Rings

Vibrating Tongue RingsAdded sensation! Increased pleasure! Those who’ve tried vibrating tongue rings say that the experience is unforgettable!

There are basically three kinds of vibrating tongue rings on the market at the moment.

The first type is a tongue ring with a plain vibrating element where you insert the batteries. The tongue ring is made of stainless steel and the very vibrating element is chrome plated.

The second type is pretty similar with only one difference. The vibrating part of the tongue ring is made of silicone and has spikes all around it!

The only thing you have to count with these vibrating tongue rings should be used only when your tongue piercing is well healed. You know when you’re going to let your emotions run wild, you won’t be able to control yourself very well, and you can simply hurt your fresh piercing.

That’s the last thing you want, isn’t it? So if you eager to try a vibrating tongue ring right now, but you don’t even have a tongue piercing, you can avail of the third type of this sexual body jewelry. Non-piercing vibrating tongue rings!

Yes, you just have to put the hypoallergenic silicone band on your tongue and work away!

So choose the most fitting vibrating tongue body jewlery for yourself and your partner right now and make your sexual life a whole lot different!

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