Flashing Tongue Ring

Flashing Tongue RingDo you want to draw attention to yourself at the night club? Or you’re probably just bored wearing ordinary tongue body jewelry all the time?

Then a flashing tongue ring is exactly what you’re looking for!

What can be a better moment of surprise to someone having a chat with you than seeing flashing light when you open your mouth?

And you know – you could even probable find a practical use to your flashing tongue ring! Imagine you’ve been out the whole night and coming home. And you just can’t find the damn keyhole to unlock the door! Well – just thrust out your tongue and you have a miniature torch! OK, maybe you never get to a condition when you can’t find a keyhole, but anyway – I think you got the idea! 🙂

Personally I have had situations when I’ve needed a tiny source of light and nothing suitable had been at hand!

The flashing tongue ring comes made from surgical grade stainless steel and it blinks two different colors – green and red. There’s a battery fitted into the top ball of the tongue ring, and you can unscrew it when you need to change it.

So if you need something really unique – a flashing tongue ring is certainly going to add that unique look to your tongue piercing!

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