Logo Tongue Rings – from $1.99!!

Logo Tongue RingsWhen you start looking at the logo tongue rings, you’ll see that the available styles, logos, signs and pictures that come on the top ball of tongue rings are way too many to go through! The full catalogue of rings is available by clicking on any of the items below.

Let’s talk about what general types of logo tongue rings you can get and then you can go through them and pick the ones you like best!

First of all I want to mention the cool hologram logo tongue rings. These tongue piercings show different logos when you look at them at different angles eg. ‘Girls Rule’ and ‘Boys Drool’!!

The logo tongue rings come in either made completely from stainless steel and the very logo is from plastic; or only the shaft is made from steel and both balls on either sides are acrylic.

You can also get logo tongue rings made completely from steel and the very logo is made 3-D. It may not be so easily to spot, but then – tastes differ and maybe it’s going to be what you like best.

As the acrylic tongue rings are very cheap, you can even get a bunch of logo tongue rings in different colors and with different logos. The usual price is just under two bucks, so you can easily grab four or five tongue rings. And some of them even have two exchangeable logos!

So there are all kinds of imaginable symbols and logos – naughty slogans, flames, skulls, numbers, in other words – let’s cut this rant and have a look yourself!

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