Internally Threaded Tongue Rings

The tongue is a delicate area and to ensure that your tongue piercing heals soon, internally threaded tongue rings are a great option.

Since the tongue is highly sensitive, naturally, you would want to minimize the possibility of pain and infection so that it heals quickly. Who would like the tongue piercing to be damaged when the tongue ring is inserted? To make sure that you have a smooth tongue piercing experience, go in for internally threaded tongue rings.

In general, internally threaded body jewelry is the best choice if you plan to get any piercing done for various reasons. When you get your tongue pierced, it tends to swell. Even though this is one piercing that is reputed to heal faster than other body piercing, you still have to take care to see that it does not get infected or develops any fungal infections, being a moist area.

If you are worrying that internally threaded tongue rings would be more expensive than others, then you must know that the benefits far outweigh the extra price.

Unlike externally threaded jewelry with threading or grooves on the outer surface which resulting in constant contact with the new piercing, internally threaded tongue rings are different. Here the threaded bar is attached to the ball of the barbell. Once the piercing is done, the smooth shaft of the barbell is inserted safely in the piercing after which the threaded bar of the barbell is inserted into the shaft, without ever touching the pierced area.

Intricate in its design, the top quality internally threaded tongue rings are manufactured with the thread not only glued to the ball, but also inserted in it for greater strength.

As soon as the piercing is done, it is better to wear an internally threaded tongue rings with a longer shaft. This can be replaced with a shorter shaft after the swelling subsides.

In fact, some of this jewelry comes designed with a changeable shaft or stem as per your needs, while retaining the balls at the end as both the balls can be screwed off. This means you wouldn’t have to go in for two different tongue rings – a long one at the time of piercing and a shorter one later on. The choice is totally yours when it comes to the size of the balls at the end of the shaft since there is quite a variety available in this case as well!

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