Fake Tongue Rings

If you are very keen to get your tongue pierced but can’t because you are scared of the pain or because your mom says no, here is some good news. You can go for fake tongue rings! These fantastic pieces of fake body jewelry do not require your tongue to be actually pierced so your folks will certainly not object to them. 😉

Best of all, they are so easy to wear. You can get a collection for yourself and show off before your friends, who will surely admire your tongue jewelry, thinking that you have actually had a tongue piercing. Just imagine, no needle, no pain, no piercing. You can simply wear a fake tongue ring by attaching it to your tongue. It works by suction and you can just take it off when you don’t want to wear it any more!

How To Wear A Fake Tongue Ring

All you have to do is place the ball between your teeth and press your tongue up to it. As you suck on the fake tongue ring, it will fix itself to your tongue to look like a real tongue piercing. Just remember to take it off when you go to sleep, or when you swim or bathe. Do not wear it when you eat or kiss. If by chance you do happen to swallow it, get medical help right away.

Fake tongue rings are made out of high quality material that does not cause allergic reactions. These rings are washable and can be used over and over!

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  1. hello my names lauren. i am 14 years old and am really thinking about getting my toungue pierced when im about 16 but im scared of the pain, i’ve had other piercings but heard this one really hurts. And also im scared of it infecting. What should i do?

    1. Hi Lauren,
      Its impossible to say whether or not the piercing will hurt! But the majority of people are very positive about their experience. If possible, go to a few piercing studios and ask about pricing and aftercare. While youre there have a look round. Find one you feel comfortable in and book it! Any piercing studio will give you plenty of advice and if you have any problems you can always go back to them. But you shouldnt have to as long as you follow their aftercare instructions.

  2. hey. i am doing a project in school about oral piercings so i really want my tongue pierced now. me and my friend were wondering where we could get a fake tongue piercing. if you know of a good place please let me know asap.

    thanks so much.
    -Katie & Amanda.

    1. Hi Katie and Amanda. Check out They should have what you want. Or click on the fake tongue ring above – it should be exactly what you’re looking for.

    1. Hi Alicia. Depends on how old you are, and how strict they are!! The best advice is usually compromise. What do they want from you? better grades? Take piano lessons?? Whatever it is, you will have to give in order to receive. Tell them what you want, they will probably refuse first time. Ask what you have to do to get it. If they say it will never happen, then forget it. But if they are willing to let you get it done in return for something they want from you, then go for it.

  3. omg,
    you guys tongue rings do not hurtt (lauren) whoever else thinks that they hurt they dont.!! i juss recently got mine done a week ago. you guys go get one if you really want one they do not hurt.! i promise. hahaha. they do swell up and it will be hard to eat for however long it takes you to get used to it personally mine only was sore for two days the third day i was fine but it did take me like 4 to 5 days to learn how to eat with it and im still getting used to it lol. and if your parents dont want you to get one then i guess the fake one would be a good idea.

  4. Hello Lauren first off I think sixteen is too young for a tounge piercing but its your body not mine.
    I got my tounge pierced a little over a year ago it was my 18th birthday present!!

    It didn’t hurt the piercer was clean and profrssional.
    If you live in sothern California I suggest you go to Pirate City Tattoo. (Google it)
    and where ever you go make sure they a certifed piercers and there is even something like the app and it’s basically the fda for body art.
    Oh and your gonna have to deal with the dirty looks and comments.

    It’s just not a virginal piercing!!!

    Keep it clean I suggest Crest mouthwash or any mouthwasa with out alcahol in it no straws or sucking like cany smoking etc. and clean your mouth after every meal or if your me smoking.

  5. hi lauren,
    well i got my belly pierced and when i got there i was terrified, then i got it pierced and it did hurt a bit. and i am gettin my tounge pierced in january for my 14th bday and i know itll hurt but just deal with the pain. close your eyes and hold someones hand then itll be done soon as you know it. And I personally think you should get something you want with the pain and not regret not getting it then go on life being scared of pain and evreything and regretting not getting it.

  6. hey China Here, and i got mine i love it so much!! i was that kind of girl that wanted my tongue pierced but i really hated needles im afraid of them. so one going in my mouth wasnt going to cut it. when i herd i can get a fake one i was like no way. now i have colorful ones and metal. i want a metal one for every out fit. i got mine at the mall. they sell them at Spencer’s. i hope this help.

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