Unique Tongue Rings – Define yourself..

Unique Tongue RingsIf you’re looking for unique tongue rings – you’ve come to the right place! Our huge range starts at just $2.99 – thats up to 80% off RRP.

Usually you’d get a simple tongue ring – barbell with ball-like endings on the either end of it, but barbells are too traditional for many.

So here you can find tongue rings that you wouldn’t see in every pierced mouth, that’s for sure!

Most of these unique tongue rings are just superb when it comes to kissing (and some things more intimate!) – the adornments are created to cause maximum sensations to your partner and yourself as well.

But even if you’re not in the mood for kissing you’ll find these unique tongue rings as a funny escape from the ordinary.

You can buy tongue rings with endings like zippers. They come in many colors and are made of acrylic.
Another type of unique tongue rings shaped like penises – yes! There is even one that glows in the dark!
If you want to make it a step further, you can get vibrating tongue rings. You can insert batteries in them and fire away! And even if you don’t have a tongue piercing you can still try out non-piercing vibrating tongue rings. You just have to put on a rubber band around your tongue.

At last the are unique tongue rings which don’t fall into any of the above mentioned categories with crazy endings looking like geometric figures and similar.

Well, as they say it’s better to see it once than to hear about it a hundred times. So check out these unique tongue rings for affordable price, I bet you’ll satisfy your taste for something different!

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