Clear Tongue Rings

Clear Tongue Rings

Do you need to hide your tongue ring in work, school or college?? Clear tongue rings are the answer. Now all the money you spent on your piercing need not be wasted!! From just $1.99, they are the best value on the market right now.

Clear plastic body jewelry is also called piercing retainers and they can be inserted in pretty much every piercing. Belly button piercings, nose piercings and other facial piercings sometimes need to be masked and by wearing the retainers you can do it very successfully.

Clear tongue rings also come handy when you need to avoid your usual tongue ring to catch onto something, If you, for example, wear a tongue ring with some dangle that often rubs against your teeth or blurs your speech, you can insert a clear tongue ring for everyday wearing.

The choice of the clear tongue rings isn’t very good, however, for the purposes of just hiding your piercing you actually don’t need anything fashionable. A plain, transparent tongue ring is all you need, and below you can see the retainers you can choose from.

There’s one pregnancy belly button ring as well, and if you’re wondering why it’s been put under this category – don’t worry! You can cut this piercing to the desirable size and the shaft made of PTFE is self-threading.

This means you just screw the ball on it and it will make the threads for future use.

So get your ideal clear tongue ring and don’t worry about your tongue piercing on occasions when body piercing can’t be displayed!

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