About Tongue Rings Guide.

Hi, I’m William!

I’ve set up this tongue rings guide to make it easier for you, folks, to shop around the Internet for tongue body jewelry!

I started my first body jewelry guide – Belly Button Rings Guide when my wife got her navel pierced and it was like – wow!

Looking at my wife’s navel I got that belly button rings really add that special touch to a woman’s belly. I searched the Net for new belly rings – I saw there were loads of them – I realized it was not that easy to find what you wanted straight away. Then I created my first body jewelry guide!

Well, after a while I thought – why not create body jewelry guides for every type of body piercing that is out there?

So my other guides – Nose Rings Guide and Tongue Rings Guide saw the daylight as well!

This website is owned by:

William Heavey




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