What Could Be The Dangers Of Tongue Piercing?

Dangers Of Tongue PiercingYou have to admit that tongue piercings look sexy and erotic even though you might hear about the dangers of tongue piercing.

Ask anyone with a tongue piercing and they will have a lot of positive experiences to share both about the piercing as well as its effect on their lives.

Tongue piercing is considered quite fashionable among the celebs and people like you and me. However, on the flip side, as with any body piercing, there are dangers of tongue piercing like the risk of infections, problems with speech, respiratory issues and broken teeth.

Here is what you should know about the dangers of tongue piercing. We all know that tongue piercing swelling is common. If it gets infected it could block the airways making it tough to breathe. Also, mouth bacteria can spread quite fast and lead to a fatal toxic shock syndrome and even blood poisoning.

Just in case your piercer does not take care to sterilize the piercing equipment there is a risk of catching an HIV and hepatitis infection. Once the piercing is done if the right jewelry is not fitted, it can come loose resulting in swallowing it. If it travels to the lung, you can imagine the panic. Some people tend to bite their tongue stud by mistake and this can lead to a broken tooth. Some people have had to go in for gum surgery. Jewelry material can also cause allergic reactions.

But relax. This is not to scare you off tongue piercings. The point is – it is always good to be aware of the dangers of tongue piercing before you get yours done. You are probably wondering whether you can avoid them. Of course you can! 🙂

First of all, check out your piercer to ensure that he or she is professional, experienced and licensed. Choose a high quality piercing studio. You also want to make sure the piercer has an “autoclave” and all equipment is sterilized and ask to see the needles and jewelry before you get your piercing done.

Non-sterile piercing needles and other equipment are the best way to catch an infection. Your piercer should also wear gloves. A good piercer will give you detailed aftercare instructions that you must follow to avoid the dangers of tongue piercing. Know about oral hygiene during the healing period because you must keep your mouth clean.

As you can see, all you need to do to avoid the dangers of tongue piercing is to take a few precautions and follow aftercare instructions – 99% of the time you will be just fine! 😉

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