The Enticing Tongue Ring

Amazing Tongue Piercing Jewelry

While certain piercings can have little to no positive effect or impact on a person’s image depending on placement, body jewelry, and the wearer’s unique look, a well chosen piercing can instead have a wonderfully dramatic, attention-capturing effect on the onlooker and can compliment someone’s particular appearance flawlessly.

This woman takes full advantage of this concept by combining her look with her own individual demeanor to create an image that makes it nearly impossible for the viewer to look away!

Her long, snake-like tongue and lashes that look like they should be used in showbiz are what initially grab a person’s eye. After that, the pale eye shadow that contrasts so greatly with her skin color causes the lashes to stand out and show their length that much more while the vibrant lip color draws attention into the already enticing, large mouth and the tongue ring takes over from there, breaking the length of the tongue up into two smaller areas and adding an ever-so-slightly devious edge to an otherwise Cirque Du Soleil exclusive type of look.

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Badass Redhead With Tongue Piercing

Redhead with tongue piercing

Are you a fan of tongue piercing?

Have you got your tongue pierced?

Even if you haven’t – or maybe you’re just planning to go ahead with getting your tongue done – you have to admit that the redhead in the photo above looks really cool with the piercing in her tongue! 😉

It suits her quite well, and also the shape and color of the visible part of the tongue ring looks nice because it provides a stark contrast with the bright red hair.


Obviously, if you have a few minutes time to write a piercing story, take a picture of your tongue piercing and send it in, then why not do it? I mean – the free tongue ring is guaranteed ❗

On the other hand, I can’t guarantee such a vast array of tongue jewelry to choose from when I send the free tongue barbell to you. I’ve a few colors available, so if you’re really into your tongue piercings, better check out our entire tongue jewelry range in our online shop to see what we’ve got for you!

Crazy Tongue Double Piercing – Doesn’t It Look Amazing?

Crazy Double Tongue Piercing

Have you seen anything like this crazy double tongue piercing?

I don’t think you’ve often seen a girl having pierced two holes in her tongue, so I guess she deserves a little bit of admiration for her courage and daring, don’t you think so? 😉

Now let’s talk about the jewelry used in this particular tongue piercing.

The piece of tongue jewelry closer to us is a typical logo tongue barbell, and if you look really close, you’ll notice the yin-yang sign on it.

The other tongue ring is a typical steel barbell with acrylic endings, and even though it’s the cheaper end of the tongue body jewelry, there’s nothing wrong with having a few of these in your stash to shock your friends!