White Gold Internally Threaded Straight Barbell- 14 Gauge

I want to keep it simple but stylish today with this glossy solid 14 karat white gold internally threaded straight barbell made of 14 gauge solid gold with 5 mm balls. So you may ask, what is so special about this tongue barbell? For one thing, the white gold is free from nickel content, which can cause irritation and allergies for some people. This white gold barbell contains Palladium, which is safe on your skin! ❗

The other unique feature of this finely polished white gold barbell is the internal threading. Since your tongue is highly sensitive what you wear on it can make all the difference when it comes to feeling comfortable. Internally threaded body jewelry is the safest in terms of threaded jewelry as the threading does not come in contact with your skin at all, helping your piercing stay intact!

This solid 14 karat white gold internally threaded straight barbell will sit snugly in your tongue piercing with the 5 mm balls holding it in place. The shaft is highly polished for easy contact with skin. Handcrafted to perfection, this half inch length barbell is something you will really enjoy wearing in your tongue piercing. Get it today! 🙂

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Austrian Crystal Aquamarine Gem Tongue Ring

On a pleasantly warm spring day, what could be better than wearing a cool Austrian crystal aquamarine gem barbell tongue ring? This is my favorite pick for today. Finely finished to a shine, this lovely classic barbell tongue ring is a 14 gauge, 16 mm 316L surgical grade stainless steel barbell with 5 mm balls at either end. The visible end is elegantly set with a soothing blue flawless Swarovski aquamarine crystal that twinkles back at you mischievously.

Swarovski, a registered trademark of Swarovski AG is renowned the world over for its matchless quality crystal. This genuine Swarovski crystal tongue ring will be something you will always cherish. Whether you buy it for yourself or gift it to a friend, it is worth it!

The aquamarine Swarovski crystal wil sparkle temptingly from your tongue making its dazzle irresistibly to anyone who notices it. Show it off. Get your Austrian crystal aquamarine Gem barbell tongue ring today so that you can wear it for your next party! 😉

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Rainbow Fancy Butterfly Anodized Titanium Barbell

Okay, I know it is party time and I have the perfect tongue ring for you today – the rainbow fancy butterfly anodized titanium barbell. Any tongue piercing deserves to have this absolutely fabulous tongue ring, which is everything a tongue ring should be. The ideal jewelry for a tongue piercing, it is a barbell. This multicolored fancy butterfly shimmers on your tongue as if it were waiting to take off and fly away!

The anodized titanium barbell is 14 gauge and 16 mm with a lively 316L surgical grade stainless steel butterfly that looks incredibly erotic on your tongue as you speak. Tongue piercings look quite erotic. When you wear the rainbow fancy butterfly anodized titanium barbell, you are going to mesmerize everyone who sees you.

Wear this on a special occasion, or give yourself a birthday present. Glitter and glow, everywhere you go. Just don’t be surprised to see quite a few followers as you glide around with that captive multicolored butterfly, safe anchored on your tongue. This butterfly is not escaping anywhere! Now go ahead and order the enchanting rainbow fancy butterfly anodized titanium barbell right away! 😉

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Black And Yellow Hot Stuff Logo Barbell Tongue Ring

If you have got it, flaunt it, I say! Be bold with this black and yellow hot stuff logo barbell tongue ring. Your partner is going to love this especially when you get up close and personal on your date! 😉

I don’t have to tell you how erotic tongue piercings are if you have already got one; and if you are planning to get one, now is the right time. This totally cool logo barbell tongue ring with “Hot Stuff’ written in yellow against the black background is as obvious as you can get. I can bet you will turn heads wherever you go wearing this logo inlay barbell on your tongue piercing.

Barbell jewelry is the best kind to wear on tongue piercings. Since your tongue has plenty of circulation, the piercing will heal pretty quickly if you follow your piercer’s aftercare guidelines. Made of 14 gauge and 16 mm 316L surgical grade stainless steel this barbell has 8 mm/6mm balls. You can enjoy your tongue piercing to the fullest with this black and yellow hot stuff logo barbell tongue ring. Order this sexy tongue ring today!

Black and Green Alien Head Logo Tongue Ring

I have always been a fan of barbell style jewelry for tongue piercings, simply because they are so comfortable and you can get the right size.

My pick for the day is the cool black and green alien head logo barbell tongue ring. This cool color combination looks quite prominent on your tongue and it is nice and smoothly finished, so that it fits snugly.

The logo inlay is striking and quite noticeable when you speak. The alien head logo is unique and mysterious. The barbell is made of 14-gauge 5/8” length 100% safe 316L surgical grade stainless steel and you can get them with 8 mm or 6 mm balls, depending on which you prefer!

The colors black and green complement each other, looking cool on the steel tongue ring. Logo barbell tongue jewelry comes in almost limitless choice, but the black and green alien head logo barbell tongue ring is clearly outstanding.

Add some sexy red lipstick and finish the look, as you fascinate your friends with this interesting tongue ring! 😉