Badass Redhead With Tongue Piercing

Redhead with tongue piercing

Are you a fan of tongue piercing?

Have you got your tongue pierced?

Even if you haven’t – or maybe you’re just planning to go ahead with getting your tongue done – you have to admit that the redhead in the photo above looks really cool with the piercing in her tongue! 😉

It suits her quite well, and also the shape and color of the visible part of the tongue ring looks nice because it provides a stark contrast with the bright red hair.


Obviously, if you have a few minutes time to write a piercing story, take a picture of your tongue piercing and send it in, then why not do it? I mean – the free tongue ring is guaranteed ❗

On the other hand, I can’t guarantee such a vast array of tongue jewelry to choose from when I send the free tongue barbell to you. I’ve a few colors available, so if you’re really into your tongue piercings, better check out our entire tongue jewelry range in our online shop to see what we’ve got for you!

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