Double Tongue Piercing Or Venom Piercing?

Double Tongue Piercing If you want to have more exiting tongue piercing experience, you can certainly consider double tongue piercing.

As the very name suggests, you’re going to have two tongue rings inserted into your tongue and the placement is totally up to you. If you wish, you can arrange the tongue piercings in a vertical line – this is somtimes referred to as angel piercing, but the term also refers to two monroe piercings on either side of the face. The other option is the Venom Piercing (sometimes called the Viper Piercing) where the two piercings are placed horizontally on either side of the tongue.

Just take into account that if you’re going to place your next tongue piercing further down the tongue, it may swell up considerably more than usual. The body piercers know that the deeper the tongue piercing is to the throat, the more it’s going to swell up.

You can go the other way as well if you want to add another tongue ring. You can get the second piercing closer to the tip of the tongue where the tongue muscle isn’t that thick.

However, if this is the case, you definitely need to consult with the piercer to ensure double tongue piercing is not going to damage your teeth or blur your speech.

Venom PiercingThe best body jewelry for the double tongue piercing and venom piercing is simple tongue rings – straight barbells. You can find them in loads of different materials, colors and with a hell lot of variety of endings.
You’ll never run out of ideas to impress others when having venom piercing in your tongue! Imagine if you insert tongue rings with tiny spikes in your double tongue piercingâ! It indeed looks like snake fangs!

One last thing about venom piercing – lip piercings placed on the either side of the lip can be called venom piercings so don’t get confused if you’re googling up additional related tongue piercing information.

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