White Gold Tongue Rings

If you have a tongue piercing and want to get a gold tongue ring, it is a very good idea to choose a white gold tongue ring. Do you know why?

Since these tongue rings have no nickel content you can be rest assured that you would not have to worry about any allergic reaction! 🙂

Interestingly, white gold can be of different types based on the metal it is combined with. These white gold alloys have various uses, depending on what they are used for. For example, nickel alloys are really strong and make good rings or pins. Gold palladium alloys are easy to mold and are used for setting gemstones in white gold.

The best quality white gold is the 18 carat containing gold and palladium mainly, although sometimes other metals like copper, silver, and platinum could also be used to give it weight and strength. Allergic reactions to nickel are quite rare and occur in people who have been wearing white gold alloys for a long time. It can result in skin irritation, and for this reason, white gold tongue piercing jewelry is made without the nickel to avoid allergic reactions.

As you shop for your white gold tongue ring, you will find a variety of 14-carat white gold barbell tongue rings that look really cool. Most people go in for a collection to mix and match with what they are wearing. The barbells are usually 16-gauge solid white gold and the most popular design is the straight barbell. The tongue rings are highly polished for safe contact with your skin.

Although there are different kinds of materials out there like stainless steel, silver etc., you should opt for white gold. Silver can sometimes tarnish and cause irritation, and so can stainless steel for some people. The 14-carat white gold tongue ring is the ideal choice that will allow you to enjoy your tongue piercing! 😉

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Gold Tongue Rings

Gold Tongue RingsIf you’re in a more sophisticated mood, you may consider buying a gold tongue ring.

Basically it’s going to be a straight barbell to insert into the tongue piercing. But contrary to wearing just a simple acrylic tongue ring, for example, you’ll have a nice feeling of wearing something more exquisite in your mouth!

Besides, a gold tongue ring is a perfect gift for someone close to you who has a tongue piercing. You see, I think these days we’re all more or less tired of the conventional gifts – souvenirs, clothing, gift cards…

So if you know that the girl or a guy whom you’re going to visit for a birthday party has tongue pierced, gold tongue ring would be a gift worth considering.

The price of these pieces of gold body jewelry is fairly affordable as well – you won’t have to lose your shirt when buying one. Starting from a little more than thirty bucks you can get a decent white gold or yellow gold tongue ring.

The available sizes are 14 and 16 gauge and the length of the shafts is starting from 3/8″ and ending with long 3/4″. In the metric system this would be 9.5 mm to 1.9 cm. This is the average size for tongue rings, but if you’re going to give it someone, I suggest you go for a 3/8″ or 1/2″ gold tongue ring.

You see, usually when tongue is getting pierced at the studio, they insert a 12 mm tongue ring. Then, when the swelling goes down in about 7 to 10 days, they replace it with a 10 mm tongue ring. So having a long 1.9 mm tongue ring would be something not-so-common, most likely the piercing would be further back the tongue where the tongue muscle is thicker.

If you pay a bit extra, you can get an internally threaded gold tongue ring as well. The difference between a simple body jewelry and a threaded one is in the threading. Usually the shaft would have the threads and you’d screw the ball onto it. Internally threaded body jewelry, on the other hand, have the threaded part attached to the ball and then you screw it into the shaft.

This way you can prevent all the possible damage that could arise from pushing the threaded part of a common piece of body jewelry through the piercing hole – especially, when it hasn’t healed very well yet. So choose among these white and yellow gold tongue rings and pick the most fitting one for you!

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