The not-so-needed webbing

By Natasha from Sycamore, Illinois.

Okay, so I’ve got this friend. I’ve know her since preschool, and we’ve been best friends ever since. So, she, out of the blue, she decided to pierce her webbing. she posted some pictures up on myspace, and i thought they looked pretty cute. so, i decided i wanted one.

If i had asked my parents it would have been an absoloute no, so they still don’t know. and the day i got it pierced was 11-6-09. so, the next time we hung out, she pierced it for me. at first i was all like yeah! lets do this shit! and then, as i was sitting down and she was about to stick it through, i got so freaked out, i panicked. she stopped, and said, okay, i’ll just pierce my ear. so, she shoves the needle through her thick ass ear, ands shes all like omg that was no physical pain at all. so, me being the brilliant one i am, spotted some numbing stuff for your teeth, and i put it on my webbing thing and then it was all like BAM it was in.

I was sweating my boobs off. my heart was racing and oh my, i thought i wa going to pass out, but it didn’t even hurt at all. now, since she wasn’t a professional or anything, we looked up the aftercare stuff together and we went over it and such. and since i did it yesterday, it’s still not healing, but i am keeping it clean. it was pretty cool, because the needle was just sticking through my tongue, and i am absoloutley terrified of needles, and i was so proud of myself to not be like, freaking out because there was a freaking needle through my tongue. haha. but anyways, it was pretty cool, and it turned out great. if you’re thinking about getting one, go for it.


  1. okay i was lookin at this and i was like uhh i would never do that lol who would see it? i only got my ears.belly.hips.trgus done thats it.. well ima get

  2. wow!! well congrats on facing ur fear. it looks cool and i wanna say your crazy, lol, i never would have done it. but i did get my tongue done and it didn’t hurt, but i think i want my webbing done now, but i’m chicken shit lol, so i just wanted to say that i think it is cool 🙂

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