Austrian Crystal Aquamarine Gem Tongue Ring

On a pleasantly warm spring day, what could be better than wearing a cool Austrian crystal aquamarine gem barbell tongue ring? This is my favorite pick for today. Finely finished to a shine, this lovely classic barbell tongue ring is a 14 gauge, 16 mm 316L surgical grade stainless steel barbell with 5 mm balls at either end. The visible end is elegantly set with a soothing blue flawless Swarovski aquamarine crystal that twinkles back at you mischievously.

Swarovski, a registered trademark of Swarovski AG is renowned the world over for its matchless quality crystal. This genuine Swarovski crystal tongue ring will be something you will always cherish. Whether you buy it for yourself or gift it to a friend, it is worth it!

The aquamarine Swarovski crystal wil sparkle temptingly from your tongue making its dazzle irresistibly to anyone who notices it. Show it off. Get your Austrian crystal aquamarine Gem barbell tongue ring today so that you can wear it for your next party! 😉

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Rainbow Fancy Butterfly Anodized Titanium Barbell

Okay, I know it is party time and I have the perfect tongue ring for you today – the rainbow fancy butterfly anodized titanium barbell. Any tongue piercing deserves to have this absolutely fabulous tongue ring, which is everything a tongue ring should be. The ideal jewelry for a tongue piercing, it is a barbell. This multicolored fancy butterfly shimmers on your tongue as if it were waiting to take off and fly away!

The anodized titanium barbell is 14 gauge and 16 mm with a lively 316L surgical grade stainless steel butterfly that looks incredibly erotic on your tongue as you speak. Tongue piercings look quite erotic. When you wear the rainbow fancy butterfly anodized titanium barbell, you are going to mesmerize everyone who sees you.

Wear this on a special occasion, or give yourself a birthday present. Glitter and glow, everywhere you go. Just don’t be surprised to see quite a few followers as you glide around with that captive multicolored butterfly, safe anchored on your tongue. This butterfly is not escaping anywhere! Now go ahead and order the enchanting rainbow fancy butterfly anodized titanium barbell right away! 😉

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