Bioplast Tongue Rings

Wonderfully colorful and available in different shapes and sizes, the Bioplast tongue ring is a fabulous piece of tongue jewelry that is totally comfortable to wear. It is flexible and biocompatible, which means it is body friendly and safe to wear!

Bioplast tongue rings look incredibly sexy and fashionable with their stylish designs ranging from circular 6 mm ball endings to cubical dice shaped endings in a range of colors.

There are mesmerizing shades like the elegant black, rich red, cool electric blues, multicolored tongue rings, striped, pretty purple, blue green astro star, and lots more. Of 14 gauge thickness, the Bioplast Flex Barbell is made according to universal standards for materials that are allowed to be used for body jewelry.

Why Bioplast Tongue Rings?

Because of their flexibility, Bioplast tongue rings are unlikely to cause swelling or infection when you wear them. Since there is no nickel used in making them, you need not worry about any allergic reactions. You can sterilize the shaft of the Bioplast tongue ring by autoclave up to 121 degree centigrade. With all these benefits, you will naturally heal a lot faster than with other materials. Particularly, if you are getting tongue piercing done for the first time, then Bioplast tongue rings are the way to go, because they are they are made of the best and the safest material!

The choice of design is mind-boggling. Show your love for your country, be a patriot and wear a Bioplast Black American flag Logo Barbell Tongue Ring. Or wear a cute colorful black and blue mushroom logo tongue ring. How about a black flames logo barbell tongue ring? You can even cast the dice by wearing a Bioplast tongue ring featuring a combination of flames and dice. If you are going out on a date, try the hot lips logo tongue ring.

So go ahead and enjoy the collection of super body-friendly Bioplast tongue rings! 🙂

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Flexible Tongue Rings

Flexible Tongue Rings Flexible tongue ring has a few advantages over ones made of metal – steel, titanium or even gold.

First of all, flexible tongue rings are made of plastic and they are much lighter than the metallic ones. You will barely feel it when it’s inserted into your tongue!

And the second advantage – it’s flexible! If compared to others, the flexible tongue rings allow for a bigger range of movements and it’s especially important during the very first stage of the healing process.

In this regard I have to mention a very good material such tongue rings come in – Bioplast. This material is flexible, biocompatible and facilitates the healing process at the same time reducing the possibility of getting a tongue piercing infection.

So if you’re considering a flexible tongue ring – Bioplast is the right material to go for, that’s for sure! You can also get other kinds of tongue rings which are elastic, and one that is worth mentioning is a PTFE barbell. This material is even more flexible than Bioplast and the only drawback it has – it doesn’t come with logos and funny words like the Bioplast tongue rings.

However, taking into account that the first tongue ring usually has to be changed to a smaller one, you will probably find that a PTFE barbell is the best for this purpose. It’s relatively cheap, can be cut to the needed size and by the way – PTFE is an implant material. Besides – its balls come in many different colors and you won’t have to put up with wearing a boring plain initial tongue body jewelry.

And by the way – don’t get confused when you see these piercings called pregnancy belly rings. They can be actually inserted whenever you wish, it’s just that they’re most popular among pregnant women who want to keep their belly piercings while the piercing stretches.

With this having said, you’ll be probably on the safe side if choosing a PTFE flexible tongue ring at the moment of getting pierced, and a piece of Bioplast body jewelry later on when the initial piece of jewelry is changed to a smaller one as the tongue’s swelling goes down.

But if you’re having your tongue piercing already for a good while – just browse among the large array of available Bioplast flexible tongue rings and get the ones your heart desires!

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