Painless Tongue Piercing

By Andrew aged 18, New York

Tongue Piercing Story

My tongue piercing was my third facial piercing and so I kind of knew what to expect. I’d had my cartilage pierced and I’d had two earlobe piercings too so I was fully prepared for any pain that my tongue piercing would cause me. I’d heard a lot of horror stories about piercings going wrong and how hard to heal tongue piercings were. I was a little nervous but how much I wanted the piercing far outweighed the potential down sides!

I went to the same piercer as I always went to in New York. I live quite a distance from the salon but I prefer them over my local. That’s one thing I would advise – always go to a piercer that you can trust. Your local piercer may not be the best option and if they don’t do it right you could end up with a nasty infection – not pretty!

Anyway I had a consultation with the piercer; they told me how to look after the piercing to prevent an infection. Then I chose the jewelry that I wanted to go in it. Then the process began. I was lucky that they weren’t fully booked that day so they could do the piercing then and there. It didn’t leave me much chance to get nervous so if you are worried about it I definitely recommend you do it on the spur of the moment!

My tongue was numbed, the piercing began and I felt absolutely nothing. Even when the ring went in I didn’t really feel anything. It was less painful than my cartilage piercing which I found quite bizarre. Anyway I looked after the piercing well and now I love it and I’m glad I had it done.

I’d definitely recommend it!


  1. Hey Andrew,
    I’m glad to know your tongue piercing worked out well. I’m 17 years old and I’m supposed to be getting my tongue pierced on March 14th in 2 weeks. I’m not nervous about getting it pierced because I don’t think that will hurt like you said, but I’m kinda wondering if it hurts after you get it done. And how long does it swell/hurt for?
    You can either email me at
    or my facebook name (if you have one) is Brittany Raimondo.

  2. Hiii. Well that’s good news for me. I’m supposed to be getting mine done this saturday. I can’t wait for this. I’ve been waiting to get it done for a while now.
    I just wanna know if you had any speech problems after you got it. Email me at:
    Thankk youu.

  3. I had my tongue pierced for 7 years. It was the easiest piercing I ever had and the quickest one to heal. It didn’t hurt at all when they pierced it, and the pierced didn’t even numb it. I didn’t even have a chance to get nervous it was that quick. I had popped 4 advil before I had it pierced and that kept it from swelling. My tongue was swollen for two days and during that time, all I had was ice and other cold foods. The only annoying thing was the fact that I had to Listerine after eating, drinking, smoking, etc… but after a week it was fully healed. The only reason I took it out was because my job didn’t allow it and I thought I was kinda too old for it, but I recommend that piercing to anyone!

  4. hey andrew i got my toung peirced it did nont hurt at all and ill used was mouth wash to numb my mouth it felt awsome and ya how much did u get yours for and were and hit me up on my myspace how long have u had yours

  5. I got my tongue pierced in february and it was the least painful piercing out of my 2 spyder bites on the left side of my lip along with my guages.. for anyone that is gettin it pierced just follow their direction when they say to rinse after eating, smoking etc. or it could hurt hella bad for a few days like mine dide.. speech like your s’s and such were hard for me the first week or so as the swelling went down but other than that it’s a perfect peircing and i plan on getting my tongue pierced again right below my first one..

  6. You actually had your tongue numbed?
    My tongue was my EIGHTEENTH piercing and I’ve certainly ever had anything numbed? Numbing slows the healing process and increases chance of infection as freezing the area stops it from being able to bleed properly. A piercing is an open wound, it NEEDS to bleed.
    I didn’t have my tongue numbed when it was pierced and it wasn’t particulazrly painful, just uncomfortable. It’s been pierced now for 4 years.
    In my opinion it doesn’t count if you had it numbed, it’s a cowards way of having a piercing done. And hey, I’m a girl. Maybe I have more balls than you.

  7. Sarah,
    Just a comment on your comment….you get a piercing to have the piercing….not to show how big your pain tolerance or balls are..that is not the reason to get any piercing. An individual gets the piercing because they want it, it shouldnt matter how they choose to get it done as long as they are comfortable and safe. so I think that the comment you made showed ignorance and immaturity on your part. If this chick decided to have the area numbed then w/e that’s her choice. noone should pass judgement on her when obviously she wanted the piercing bad enough to get it anyway.
    So my opinion is that it indeed does count even if it is numbed. It counts because IT WAS DONE, and you just made yourself look like an arrogant idiot. I apologize that you feel the choice of numbing shows someone’s courage in any way and that your egotistical self righteousness is obviously bigger than most.

    FYI i have never had anything numbed either…but the choice would not be made to my ball size or lack there of.
    Thx, and try being more considerate of the fact that just b/c other ppl are different than you doesnt make them any less than you.

  8. i was at home one day and my sister asked me hey you want to go get a piercing and i said yea sure so we went to electric chair and the guy gose what do you want done i said whatever dont hurt so he put the clamp down poked the needle through and i almost passed out but im happy i dident chincken out like my sister and she was getting the easyest one she was gettin her lip and she was like i cant do this so after that we left and i was SHAKIN LIKE A BAD OUT OF HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. i just got my tongue peirced, i was on vacation with my friend and we were at the theme park and i seen this chick with her’s peirced and i thought that it would be awsome cause im really off the wall and i chew on plastic a lot and people are always smacking me so i wanted to do it so i would stop chewing pens n shit….i told my friend that we had to go out n eat a big delicious meal before we went to get it done so we did n every time i thought about the needle going through my toung my stomach turned…. but all that was for no reason cause when he peirced it just felt like a tight pinch hardley any pain at all !!!!!!!!!! : D

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