Gold Tongue Rings

Gold Tongue RingsIf you’re in a more sophisticated mood, you may consider buying a gold tongue ring.

Basically it’s going to be a straight barbell to insert into the tongue piercing. But contrary to wearing just a simple acrylic tongue ring, for example, you’ll have a nice feeling of wearing something more exquisite in your mouth!

Besides, a gold tongue ring is a perfect gift for someone close to you who has a tongue piercing. You see, I think these days we’re all more or less tired of the conventional gifts – souvenirs, clothing, gift cards…

So if you know that the girl or a guy whom you’re going to visit for a birthday party has tongue pierced, gold tongue ring would be a gift worth considering.

The price of these pieces of gold body jewelry is fairly affordable as well – you won’t have to lose your shirt when buying one. Starting from a little more than thirty bucks you can get a decent white gold or yellow gold tongue ring.

The available sizes are 14 and 16 gauge and the length of the shafts is starting from 3/8″ and ending with long 3/4″. In the metric system this would be 9.5 mm to 1.9 cm. This is the average size for tongue rings, but if you’re going to give it someone, I suggest you go for a 3/8″ or 1/2″ gold tongue ring.

You see, usually when tongue is getting pierced at the studio, they insert a 12 mm tongue ring. Then, when the swelling goes down in about 7 to 10 days, they replace it with a 10 mm tongue ring. So having a long 1.9 mm tongue ring would be something not-so-common, most likely the piercing would be further back the tongue where the tongue muscle is thicker.

If you pay a bit extra, you can get an internally threaded gold tongue ring as well. The difference between a simple body jewelry and a threaded one is in the threading. Usually the shaft would have the threads and you’d screw the ball onto it. Internally threaded body jewelry, on the other hand, have the threaded part attached to the ball and then you screw it into the shaft.

This way you can prevent all the possible damage that could arise from pushing the threaded part of a common piece of body jewelry through the piercing hole – especially, when it hasn’t healed very well yet. So choose among these white and yellow gold tongue rings and pick the most fitting one for you!

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Clear Tongue Rings

Clear Tongue Rings

Do you need to hide your tongue ring in work, school or college?? Clear tongue rings are the answer. Now all the money you spent on your piercing need not be wasted!! From just $1.99, they are the best value on the market right now.

Clear plastic body jewelry is also called piercing retainers and they can be inserted in pretty much every piercing. Belly button piercings, nose piercings and other facial piercings sometimes need to be masked and by wearing the retainers you can do it very successfully.

Clear tongue rings also come handy when you need to avoid your usual tongue ring to catch onto something, If you, for example, wear a tongue ring with some dangle that often rubs against your teeth or blurs your speech, you can insert a clear tongue ring for everyday wearing.

The choice of the clear tongue rings isn’t very good, however, for the purposes of just hiding your piercing you actually don’t need anything fashionable. A plain, transparent tongue ring is all you need, and below you can see the retainers you can choose from.

There’s one pregnancy belly button ring as well, and if you’re wondering why it’s been put under this category – don’t worry! You can cut this piercing to the desirable size and the shaft made of PTFE is self-threading.

This means you just screw the ball on it and it will make the threads for future use.

So get your ideal clear tongue ring and don’t worry about your tongue piercing on occasions when body piercing can’t be displayed!

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Acrylic Tongue Rings from $1.99!!

Acrylic Tongue RingsAcrylic is one of the most widely used types of plastic these days. So when you’re looking for acrylic tongue rings, you can be assured you’ll face a huge assortment of available styles!

The first thing that is very good when you buy the acrylic tongue rings is the price. Yes, these tongue piercings are the best value on the market. Click on any link below to see prices, larger views and the full range available.

And if you’re wandering what sort of material is used to manufacture the shafts for the acrylic tongue rings at such a small price, the answer is surgical steel.

It’s a very good material for both fresh and healed tongue piercings, so you can rest assured that you’re not saving money on quality. However, maybe it’s not the best idea to insert an acrylic tongue ring into a fresh piercing because you may want to have a higher quality material pressing against your piercing wound while it heals.

For that purpose surgical steel tongue rings with steel balls would be the best option.

Depending on the design and shape of these tongue piercings, the price can start even as little as below two bucks. And as I previously said – the available colors, shapes and designs are so many that you will definitely satisfy your requirements.

There are simple acrylic tongue barbells with two acrylic balls on each end. These balls come into many colors with stripes and symbols and also mono-colored.

So check out these acrylic tongue rings and maybe grab a few at once they’re cheap enough!

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Tongue Piercing Stories

Hi boys and girls of all ages!

Do you happen to have your tongue pierced recently and there’s something really special to your story?

Well, in fact everyone’s body piercing is special in a way. Someone has been pleading their parents for ages to get a tongue piercing and finally got their consent.

Someone else has crazy multiple tongue piercing to show off to others Tongue Rings Guide’s users. And maybe you can tell us how the tongue piercing aftercare went for you – were there any complications? How long you had to wait until you could eat solid food again?

So let everyone on the Tongue Rings Guide know about your tongue piercing experience and you’ll be a great inspiration for others! And the best part of it – you’ll get FREE body jewelry for it in exchange, how’s that sound for you? ;-)

Submit Your Tongue Piercing Story HERE!

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The Most Important Tongue Piercing Aftercare Instructions

Tongue Piercing Aftercare

Did you know that tongue piercing is one of the fastest healing body piercings? Yes, when I found out that tongue piercing can heal in as little as two weeks, I was really surprised!

But anyway – even though it heals fast, there are a few tongue piercing aftercare tips you have to always abide by to make sure your fresh tongue piercing is not going to get infected. However, it’s worth pointing out that thanks to the natural mouth’s microclimate your fresh tongue piercing is very little likely to get infected at all!

These aftercare guidelines are universal for all kinds of the tongue piercing. Whether you have a simple vertical tongue piercing, horizontal tongue piercing or tongue web piercing the basic principles remain the same. The tongue piercing aftercare tips don’t involve treating the very piercing place with a cotton bud, for example.

As you can imagine, the mouth is constantly getting salivated and kept moist so it would be of a very little help to try to wipe the very tongue piercing’s place with a saline solution. It would be much easier just to take the cleaning solution in the mouth and rinse it, wouldn’t it?

Well…Yes! So this is the first tongue piercing aftercare recommendation.

Rinse your mouth a few times daily using saline solution or an alcohol free mouth wash. This way you’re going to facilitate the healing process and that’s the most important thing right after getting the swelling gone.

Do it after the meals and before going to bed to clean the food remains and other kind of microscopic plaque. And if you’re using mouth wash that contains some alcohol, dilute it making a ¼ solution.

The second tongue piercing aftercare tip – ease your tongue’s swelling by using plenty of cold drinks and chewing on ice during the first weeks after getting the tongue pierced.

Right after getting pierced your tongue will swell up and your first tongue ring should be longer than you’d wear normally. It’s going to be especially hard in the mornings. Having been lying down the whole night will cause the blood pump into your head more than during the day and the tongue therefore will get swollen following the piercing.

So drink cold water and suck ice cubes frequently during the first days after the piercing. And try not to eat or drink anything warm or spicy as such things will irritate the fresh tongue piercing.

The next important tongue piercing aftercare step is to change your first tongue ring you got inserted at the moment of piercing to shorter tongue body jewelry. It’s very important because you have to prevent any possible damage to the fresh piercing.

After around 10 days after getting pierced the tongue’s swelling will be gone and then you can insert a new, shorter tongue ring. I’d suggest you visit the piercing studio where you got it done and most likely your piercer is going to tell you that.

When the tongue is back to normal and you’re getting the final tongue ring, make sure the beads sit tightly on the surface of the tongue.

Every now and then check that the piece of tongue jewelry is sitting normally in the piercing and isn’t about to fall out. You know, sometimes the ball may become loose and you certainly don’t want to accidentally choke on it!

So wash your hands before touching the tongue ring and make sure the balls are screwed on securely.

But one tongue piercing aftercare advice can never be underestimated – don’t take the piercing out even when it’s well healed! Your tongue piercing is different to the other body piercings and will close up very quickly if left without body jewelry!

Sexual, Controversial and Rebellious – It’s Tongue Piercing!

Tongue PiercingUnlike other body piercing types like belly button piercing and nose piercing, the tongue piercing is a typical modern piercing. No-one from the ancient tribes and cultures wore tongue body jewelry.

The only recordings of a ritual tongue piercing come from the ancient Aztecs, Mayas and some other North-American native tribes.

However, they didn’t perform the tongue piercing with a purpose of wearing some tongue jewelry in it. Their main goal was to let the blood split out as a sign of honoring the Gods.

But these days, apart from some crazy bod-mod guys who like cutting and scarring their bodies, tongue piercing is performed with a sole purpose of wearing tongue jewelry in it.

So let’s look at how many different tongue piercing types are known out there – and what tongue jewelry can be worn with every of those.

The first and the most common type of tongue piercing is a usual vertical tongue piercing. In this case the tongue is pierced through the middle from bottom to the top and a straight barbell is inserted into the fresh piercing. Right after the piercing the tongue will swell up so usually a longer barbell will be inserted into the piercing which can later be replaced by a shorter one.

Variations of the usual tongue piercing are multiple tongue piercings when a person wears more than just one tongue ring. A separate case of a multiple tongue piercing is a venom piercing or a double tongue piercing because it resembles the placement of a snake’s fangs.

So apart from tongue piercings that go from the bottom to the top of the tongue, what other options do we have when it comes to choosing the tongue jewelry placement?

Well, horizontal tongue piercing is another type of tongue piercing and it’s not that common. In this case the piece of body jewelry – a straight barbell most likely – will pierce the tongue through from the left side to the right side. And another variation of this piercing is a Scoop piercing – a vertical tongue piercing, only the ends of the jewelry will face upwards and the body jewelry used is going to be a hoop.

And lastly – there are folks who go for piercing the web under their tongue instead! This is called just what it is – tongue web piercing – and you can wear small captive bead rings, straight and curved barbells into these tongue piercings.