Want a piercing but scared of needles?? Read on…

Most people have a fear of needles to some degree. Its not surprising – they are assosiated with pain and sickness.

For most people, this fear will not lead to avoidance behaviour, but for around 10% of the population, the fear can be irrational and excessive.

When this happens, it becomes a phobia. The phobia is called Balonephobia – a specific fear of needles. Some may use the term Trypanophobia but this is incorrect. Trypanophobia is the fear of all types of injections.

Many more people would have their tongues pierced were it not for this. So what can be done to get over this fear? The most popular technique used by those who suffer is set out in 3 stages.

This article refers to Tongue piercing but may be used in other settings.


Research. Find out what the piercing entails. Find information on piercing procedure. Read about the type of piercing available and piercing aftercare. The key here is knowledge. Balonephobia is partly fear of the unknown – be in the know – arm youself with knowledge.


Stay in control. Make all your own decisions. Choose the piercing studio and time you want the piercing done. Choose your ideal tongue piercing. Visit a few studios to find one you’re comfortable in. Some advice from friends may be helpful here but be sure to visit before you make an appointment.


Your tongue piercing doesn’t have to be today or tomorrow. Let your piercing studio know that you’re anxious and visit a couple of times. See the equipment, see the procedure. Ask questions!! No matter how silly the questions seem, always ask!! If you dont, you relapse back to the unknown so all your prep might be in vain. When you appointment comes round, bring someone with you. Parent, best friend, someone you trust.

Many people with fears believe the best way to conquer their fears is to face the fear. I had a great fear of heights. I wouldn’t admit this to my better half when we first met. We were at a theme park and she wanted to ride on the highest roller-coaster in there. I still wouldn’t admit I was scared. By the time I got to the top, I thought my chest would burst! I got on anyway. It was the fastest way back down. I have never been afraid of heights since that day. True story. It really worked!! To face a fear and win makes the experience much sweeter. Its something you will never forget. Continue reading “Want a piercing but scared of needles?? Read on…”

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You did what?!

By Melissa, Watertown, USA.


i have wanted to get my tongue pierced since high school.

i will be 30 next month and have decided to give myself an early birthday gift. i went to an evolution ink where i was suggested to go to because it is very clean and the people are nice.

i went in a week ago and got it done. i asked any questions i had and got the answers i needed. i did get most of my questions from the web. i watched as the piercer got prepared and prepped the things he needed. then it was my turn to get prepped. i had to gargle and put on a “bib” for the saliva. i felt like i was in the dentists office. i leaned back with my arms on the table and closed my eyes. i told the piercer to get it done and over with so i did not have to know when the pain was coming.

it felt like a prick, almost like getting stung by a bee. i love my tongue pierce and so does my husband. i was able to eat right away but still have to be careful. i definitely will tell others how much i like my piercing 😀

My first tongue piercing

By Cari, South Sioux City, Nebraska

Tongue Piercing Story

I just turned 18 and it was legal for me to get any piercings or tats done without my parents consent.

So my sis told me i could get my tongue pierced for a bday present from her because she knew how much i wanted it done! The tongue piercing was my third piercing I had done – i’ve had my cartilage pierced and Id had my earlobes pierced.

I was ready to get it done cuz i heard from my 2 cousins and my sis how it don’t hurt to get it done at all u dont feel anything – biting your tounge hurts hella worse. 😆 They said it is kinda hard to eat afterwards and hurts a couple days after cuz of the after pain affects.

I went to Painless Pinworks in Sioux City Iowa in the mall here. The piercer’s name was Brandon he was so friendly he made me feel really comfortable and made me feel like i could trust him and he talked to me like he he knew me well even though this is the first time i have met him! 🙂

To start off he gave me a plastic cup with non alcoholic mouthwash he told me to swish it around in my mouth for 30secs then spit it back in the cup.After that he asked if i was nervous i said kinda not really but my sis got it done and she said it don’t hurt at all and he said thats what alot of people say.

Then he asked if i was ready i said ya then he said – just breath normally with his hand on my heart/chest like u r doing now then he took the napkin and dried my tongue and then opened the sanitized clamp things and after that he stuck the needle in and took it out and put the tongue ring in.

And after that he got up and i said that’s it and he said yup. I’m like – wow that didn’t hurt took only 2-3 secs. 😀 Then he talked about washing with nonalc mouthwash for 30secs after i get done eating or drinking anything. He told me take midol 3 times a day for the swelling cuz it will help the pain go away.He also said eating/sucking on crushed ice will help alot. He said don’t drink alcohol, beer. The only alcoholic drink u can drink is vodka cuz its ok to drink vodka.

He said in a couple days you’ll have a sore throat cuz of the healing process. He said if i didn’t like the piercing that i got they have a policy where i can go back and tell them if i didn’t like it and then they’ll pierce anything else i want to have pierced for free.

He said in 2-8wks it will heal he said i can come back when it’s healed and replace the first tongue ring with another tongue ring for free. Then he asked if i got a tongue piercing aftercare packet thing. I said no he said alright u can follow me and i can get you one i said alright. I followed him and he showed me the packet type thing went over it with me like everything he went over with me in the room was in that packet he knew everything he was doing he also showed me the phone number to that place i got it done by him at.

Then it also had his number on the aftercare packet where he said i could call him anytime if i had questions about my tongue or if i needed anything that he’d be there to answer all the questions i had or concerns about the tongue or if i thought something might have been wrong or didn’t look right to call and he’d get me in right away to see him!

I’ve been taking good care of my piercing – I’ve been taking midol everyday 3 times a day morning afternoon and night and mouth washing after i drink or eat anything for 30 secs. The first day after i got it pierced it was numb and was hard to eat anything i couldn’t eat anything cuz it hurt to much it was numb the only thing i ate was mushroom soup and i went to dairy queen and got a strawberry banana smoothie to drink.

It was thick – it was hard to drink/sip through the straw so i took the lid off and kinda took a lil sip to get sum in the straw then took the straw out and sucked it helped cuz it hurt to sip through it but it really really did help the numbness and pain i really recommend this the first day or every time u feel numbness or pain cuz it helps so much its a pain reliever to me it is.

I could eat somewhat the second day the 3rd day was easiest to eat. I could eat popcorn chicken,chicken fried rice and other stuff the only thing that i couldn’t eat cuz it was really hard to eat and hurt to eat was cheeseburgers for some reason the only thing i couldn’t eat was that cuz it kinda hurt and bothered the tongue piercing.

I did get sore throats which is normal part of healing and they do hurt but if u get one a couple days after u get ur tounge pierced its normal sign of healing.Another effect of the tongue piercing during healing – you’ll spit a lot more and it will kinda be thickish and sometimes it will feel like u have a piece of hair in your mouth but its actually spit and sometimes you might drool its all normal and a part of healing.

All I know is – i’m very pleased and satisfied with this piercing! 😀 I love it cant wait to get to wear other rings I’m very happy and satisfied with this piercing and the place i got it done at and the piercer named Brandon – I really trust him he wasn’t pushy n he made me feel relaxed.

I’m very pleased with their prices also – all body piercings are only 25 dollars thats including the jewelry. I do recommend anyone who wants to get it done but is kinda scared and worried to do it right away don’t let the worry get to u put all of the scared and worry behind and think happy thoughts then you’ll be fine be fine.

I suggest just be brave and go do it when u want to just so u can get it done and over with! 😉

White Gold Internally Threaded Straight Barbell- 14 Gauge

I want to keep it simple but stylish today with this glossy solid 14 karat white gold internally threaded straight barbell made of 14 gauge solid gold with 5 mm balls. So you may ask, what is so special about this tongue barbell? For one thing, the white gold is free from nickel content, which can cause irritation and allergies for some people. This white gold barbell contains Palladium, which is safe on your skin! ❗

The other unique feature of this finely polished white gold barbell is the internal threading. Since your tongue is highly sensitive what you wear on it can make all the difference when it comes to feeling comfortable. Internally threaded body jewelry is the safest in terms of threaded jewelry as the threading does not come in contact with your skin at all, helping your piercing stay intact!

This solid 14 karat white gold internally threaded straight barbell will sit snugly in your tongue piercing with the 5 mm balls holding it in place. The shaft is highly polished for easy contact with skin. Handcrafted to perfection, this half inch length barbell is something you will really enjoy wearing in your tongue piercing. Get it today! 🙂

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Austrian Crystal Aquamarine Gem Tongue Ring

On a pleasantly warm spring day, what could be better than wearing a cool Austrian crystal aquamarine gem barbell tongue ring? This is my favorite pick for today. Finely finished to a shine, this lovely classic barbell tongue ring is a 14 gauge, 16 mm 316L surgical grade stainless steel barbell with 5 mm balls at either end. The visible end is elegantly set with a soothing blue flawless Swarovski aquamarine crystal that twinkles back at you mischievously.

Swarovski, a registered trademark of Swarovski AG is renowned the world over for its matchless quality crystal. This genuine Swarovski crystal tongue ring will be something you will always cherish. Whether you buy it for yourself or gift it to a friend, it is worth it!

The aquamarine Swarovski crystal wil sparkle temptingly from your tongue making its dazzle irresistibly to anyone who notices it. Show it off. Get your Austrian crystal aquamarine Gem barbell tongue ring today so that you can wear it for your next party! 😉

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Rainbow Fancy Butterfly Anodized Titanium Barbell

Okay, I know it is party time and I have the perfect tongue ring for you today – the rainbow fancy butterfly anodized titanium barbell. Any tongue piercing deserves to have this absolutely fabulous tongue ring, which is everything a tongue ring should be. The ideal jewelry for a tongue piercing, it is a barbell. This multicolored fancy butterfly shimmers on your tongue as if it were waiting to take off and fly away!

The anodized titanium barbell is 14 gauge and 16 mm with a lively 316L surgical grade stainless steel butterfly that looks incredibly erotic on your tongue as you speak. Tongue piercings look quite erotic. When you wear the rainbow fancy butterfly anodized titanium barbell, you are going to mesmerize everyone who sees you.

Wear this on a special occasion, or give yourself a birthday present. Glitter and glow, everywhere you go. Just don’t be surprised to see quite a few followers as you glide around with that captive multicolored butterfly, safe anchored on your tongue. This butterfly is not escaping anywhere! Now go ahead and order the enchanting rainbow fancy butterfly anodized titanium barbell right away! 😉

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Black And Yellow Hot Stuff Logo Barbell Tongue Ring

If you have got it, flaunt it, I say! Be bold with this black and yellow hot stuff logo barbell tongue ring. Your partner is going to love this especially when you get up close and personal on your date! 😉

I don’t have to tell you how erotic tongue piercings are if you have already got one; and if you are planning to get one, now is the right time. This totally cool logo barbell tongue ring with “Hot Stuff’ written in yellow against the black background is as obvious as you can get. I can bet you will turn heads wherever you go wearing this logo inlay barbell on your tongue piercing.

Barbell jewelry is the best kind to wear on tongue piercings. Since your tongue has plenty of circulation, the piercing will heal pretty quickly if you follow your piercer’s aftercare guidelines. Made of 14 gauge and 16 mm 316L surgical grade stainless steel this barbell has 8 mm/6mm balls. You can enjoy your tongue piercing to the fullest with this black and yellow hot stuff logo barbell tongue ring. Order this sexy tongue ring today!

Black and Green Alien Head Logo Tongue Ring

I have always been a fan of barbell style jewelry for tongue piercings, simply because they are so comfortable and you can get the right size.

My pick for the day is the cool black and green alien head logo barbell tongue ring. This cool color combination looks quite prominent on your tongue and it is nice and smoothly finished, so that it fits snugly.

The logo inlay is striking and quite noticeable when you speak. The alien head logo is unique and mysterious. The barbell is made of 14-gauge 5/8” length 100% safe 316L surgical grade stainless steel and you can get them with 8 mm or 6 mm balls, depending on which you prefer!

The colors black and green complement each other, looking cool on the steel tongue ring. Logo barbell tongue jewelry comes in almost limitless choice, but the black and green alien head logo barbell tongue ring is clearly outstanding.

Add some sexy red lipstick and finish the look, as you fascinate your friends with this interesting tongue ring! 😉

How To Take Care Of A Tongue Piercing

How to take care of your tongue piercing

So you have finally got a tongue piercing. It is fun and pretty cool. But to make sure that it heals properly, there are several things that you can do! The piercing will take a few weeks to heal fully. Apart from following the aftercare instructions specified by your piercer, you can follow these easy tips:

Soft Foods

So if you’re wondering how to take care of a tongue piercing properly – here’s the thing number one – avoid hot spicy foods! Since the tongue can swell soon after the piercing, hot or spicy food will worsen the condition, slowing down the healing process. This means cutting down on coffee, tea and other hot liquids as well. Instead, go for cold foods like ice cream, yogurt, etc. for a few days immediately after the piercing, as this helps in keeping the swelling under control! ❗

It is a good idea to keep chilled water in your refrigerator. Take a few sips when you wake up to soothe the swelling as it is usually at its worst in the morning. You might even find that sucking on a bit of ice lessens the pain!

The first food that you eat after you get the piercing should preferably be soft. Take small bites and chew carefully. You must be cautious and make sure that the tongue ring or stud does not strike against your teeth and damage them.

Keeping it free from infection

Since alcohol does not aid in the healing process, do not use undiluted mouthwash! ❗ The alcohol content in it will slow down the healing. The last thing you would want is mouth ulcers at this time. Instead, go in for antibacterial and antiinflammatory lozenges to keep infections at bay and quicken the healing process.

Don’t talk too much for the first couple of weeks as the longer tongue ring can irritate your teeth. Make sure that the jewelry you are wearing is screwed on tight. Before doing this, clean your hands with a germicidal soap.

Avoid kissing and oral sex for at least two weeks after you get a tongue piercing done! ❗

Any plaque on the jewelry must be carefully removed during the healing period. After your tongue piercing heals completely, you can remove the tongue ring and clean it.

Finally, after the swelling on the tongue subsides in around ten days, get a shorter tongue ring. Keeping a longer ring that had been inserted when the piercing was done can be a problem because it may get caught in your teeth!

Well, that’s about everything you need to know in order to help your fresh tongue piercing heal and make sure you don’t develop any complications! 😉