Get Horizontal Tongue Piercing To Shock Others!

Horizontal Tongue PiercingHave you ever considered getting a horizontal tongue piercing? It is something different and not many of your friends have it.

However there are a few things to be considered before you go to a piercing studio to get a horizontal tongue piercing.

First off, due to the unique placement of the tongue ring, it’s very important to pierce the tongue horizontally in the right place. You see, when we speak our tongue bends in certain places more than others. So these areas are very important for speech creation and if the horizontal tongue piercing is performed there, speech damage is nearly unavoidable.

Secondly, the right length of the tongue barbell has to be chosen because you certainly need to avoid the endings of the body jewelry piece rubbing against your teeth. In a long run you can permanently damage your teeth and gums if you ignore this advice. So the best way to approach the horizontal tongue piercing would be choosing a barbell with endings which sit tightly in the surface of the tongue.

Thirdly, as you can imagine, it’s by far easier to pierce the tongue vertically than horizontally. Besides, the tongue consists of fiber-like muscles and it’s not really that painful to pierce the piercing needle through them from the top to the bottom.

But now imagine when you have to pierce the tongue across from the left to the right side. It’s going to be definitely a more painful process than the usual tongue piercing. On top of that it’s very important to avoid the major blood-vessels running through the tongue. And it’s again harder to spot them when piercing the tongue horizontally and the piercer will probably use a flashlight to spot the veins.

In other words, if you really want the horizontal tongue piercing, you need to understand that it’s not as innocent as it may look. Many piercers even don’t consider this type of a piercing a viable one because of the potential effect on the oral health.

Anyway, once you want to go for the horizontal tongue piercing, the main things to remember are:

go to a really professional piercing studio
make sure the piercer knows what he’s up to and that he’s a competent enough to perform the horizontal tongue piercing
choose a flexible tongue ring and make sure it’s the right length.

After the swelling is gone and the fresh horizontal tongue piercing is well healed you will certainly want to adjust the length of the tongue ring to make sure the beads on the either side sit tight in the tongue’s surface.

There is even PTFE body jewelry you can cut to size if you want so don’t save your money on your oral health!


  1. Very nice piercing. I love it because not many people have it. And they don’t know what it is until they see it. Am not gonna lie…it hurt alot. Much more than the vertical. Although mine was numbed but it still hurts alot.
    The piercing studio i went to was very proffessional and i had no doubts or worries about that.
    Its very uncomfortable though i must say for the first week. Am getting used to it and everyone loves it. I prefer it much more than any other piercing. Its different. I would reccomend anyone to get it!
    Add me on facebook to see some pics of it if you want!
    chosen place was in nottingham ‘access all areas’.


  2. hi i was think of getting the one top to botton and i wanted to know once you have had it done can u smoke? with in the next couple of days of having it done

  3. Nur… don’t lie!
    You had to go the hospital so many times because of it! Don’t listen to her because this is probably before she had all the trouble. Well, now all of that money has been wasted because she no longer has that piercing x

  4. a horizontal piercing is very different. but i want a vertical one and now im having 2nd thoughts b cuz of wat nur al-obeid said. but i think im going to get one anyways. 🙂

  5. hi this is nur again, about what emily said it’s true and this only happened because I had trouble hiding so what I did was decide to remove one ball side so
    immediatley if any of my family member start talkin to me I could quickly slide one side out etc. because I did this often the barbell became loose because it’s a flexible one anyway so the ball dropped out of both sides and I was left with the flexible barbell..

    this was obviously my fault and it shudnt happen to anyone else.. it’s healed up now so am getting it done again 🙂 xx

  6. Did the piercing hurt you more then the vertical one? I have had a vertical piercing & it didn’t hurt until after it was pierced.. Do they heal at the same rate? Im getting the horizontal piercing done in one week.. Im scared “/

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