Drew Barrymore’s Tongue Piercing

Drew Barrymore's Tongue PiercingTongue piercings are considered very erotic and sexy these days and there are quite a few people getting it done. Also they are probably the easiest to take care of since they heal in just under a month!

If you really plan on enjoying your tongue piercing, then choosing the right jewelry and the right piercer makes a huge difference.

Of course you can easily get away with a fake tongue ring, considering the fact that it looks like a real tongue piercing and you don’t need to suffer the pain of the piercing and healing. Also, there is such a wide choice in fake tongue ring designs.

But most folks would rather enjoy the pleasure of getting the real thing. People who have had their tongues pierced even say that it makes a big difference when they are out on a date and end up kissing their partners because it feels a lot more erotic! πŸ˜‰

Many celebrities are getting their tongue pierced for various reasons. The latest news doing the rounds is that a tongue piercing could even help you lose weight. If you are wondering how, read on!

So, the celebrity Drew Barrymore was in the news for her brand new tongue piercing, when she showed it off at the Golden Globe Awards function. She had always wanted her tongue pierced and once she got it done, she was amazed at how painless it was. She obviously thought she would end up healing quickly and show off her new body piercing.

But she found that it was near impossible to eat or drink comfortably during the two-week tongue piercing healing period. As a result of this, Drew ended up losing weight. She now calls it the perfect Hollywood diet. Just imagine being able to enjoy a new look in more ways than one. About the only worry is her slower social life when it comes to dating. However, she loves being unique and with her attractive and cool new piercing! πŸ™‚

So if you are looking at shedding a few pounds while looking cool and sexy in the process, kill two birds with one stone with a Drew Barrymore’s tongue piecing! You have to try it to believe it! πŸ˜‰

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