Tongue Rings – from $1.99!!

Cheap Tongue Rings If you’re looking for great value tongue rings – stop on this page, you’ve found them!

All of our rings are made of the highest quality materials – surgical stainless steel, bioplast and acrylic – so the choice is endless.

The endings of the tongue rings – I mean the balls – come in a huge array of colors and shapes. Made from acrylic – widely used plastic – they will satisfy all your imaginable needs for tongue body jewelry. Stripes, plain balls, glittering balls, balls in red, yellow, white, black, and in all the possible color combinations – that’s what you’ll get when buying acrylic tongue rings.

But if you’re looking for more fun – have a look at the tongue rings with logos on the top ball. You can choose from many types of symbols and words – ‘SHAG’, LSD, BITCH and many many more.

But if you are willing to pay a little bit more, you can get nice Bioplast tongue rings. They’re famous with their body-friendliness because Bioplast is material facilitating the healing processes and preventing tongue infections. So for a price just below five bucks you’ll get to choose from a huge supply of cheap Bioplast tongue rings.

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Tongue Barbells – from $1.99!!

Tongue Barbells Check out our huge choice of Tongue Barbells below – prices start at just $1.99 – thats up to 80% off RRP!!

Tongue barbells are also called tongue rings. Yes, I know they don’t look nothing like rings, but it’s now become a common description for many body jewelry types – belly button rings, nose rings.

However, the belly rings are actually bananabells, but the nose rings – studs or screws.

And you can’t actually insert a ring into the tongue piercing unless you have it pierced at the very rim. But traditionally you will be able to insert only tongue barbells.

Unlikely other barbells – like belly button barbells – tongue barbells are only straight, they don’t come bent. The reason for this is very simple – there’s not need for it! Your tongue muscle doesn’t require any other shape of a piercing because the piercing goes straight through.

Usually the tongue barbells come into sizes starting from 3/8″ and ending with long 3/4″. Why such a difference in sizes? Well, it’s going to depend on where exactly you have your tongue pierced.

If you have the piercing around the middle of the tongue – you know, the most common location – the tongue barbell’s length will be approximately 10 mm.

If you have the tongue piercing closer to the front of the tongue, the tongue barbell has to be shorter. And, logically, it has to be much longer if pierced further down the tongue.

So why is it so important to have the tongue barbell in the right size? The reason is the following – you have to make sure the tongue ring’s adornment is not going to bother you while speaking or eating. Therefore it must sit closely at the surface of the tongue!

Usually when your tongue is pierced, they insert 12 mm tongue barbell and when the piercing is not swollen anymore, they replace it with a 10 mm tongue ring.

The materials available are titanium, bioplast, stainless steel and gold. The available styles and shapes are so many, that it would take ages to describe them all! You better check them out below and see what you like best!

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Vibrating Tongue Rings

Vibrating Tongue RingsAdded sensation! Increased pleasure! Those who’ve tried vibrating tongue rings say that the experience is unforgettable!

There are basically three kinds of vibrating tongue rings on the market at the moment.

The first type is a tongue ring with a plain vibrating element where you insert the batteries. The tongue ring is made of stainless steel and the very vibrating element is chrome plated.

The second type is pretty similar with only one difference. The vibrating part of the tongue ring is made of silicone and has spikes all around it!

The only thing you have to count with these vibrating tongue rings should be used only when your tongue piercing is well healed. You know when you’re going to let your emotions run wild, you won’t be able to control yourself very well, and you can simply hurt your fresh piercing.

That’s the last thing you want, isn’t it? So if you eager to try a vibrating tongue ring right now, but you don’t even have a tongue piercing, you can avail of the third type of this sexual body jewelry. Non-piercing vibrating tongue rings!

Yes, you just have to put the hypoallergenic silicone band on your tongue and work away!

So choose the most fitting vibrating tongue body jewlery for yourself and your partner right now and make your sexual life a whole lot different!

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Unique Tongue Rings – Define yourself..

Unique Tongue RingsIf you’re looking for unique tongue rings – you’ve come to the right place! Our huge range starts at just $2.99 – thats up to 80% off RRP.

Usually you’d get a simple tongue ring – barbell with ball-like endings on the either end of it, but barbells are too traditional for many.

So here you can find tongue rings that you wouldn’t see in every pierced mouth, that’s for sure!

Most of these unique tongue rings are just superb when it comes to kissing (and some things more intimate!) – the adornments are created to cause maximum sensations to your partner and yourself as well.

But even if you’re not in the mood for kissing you’ll find these unique tongue rings as a funny escape from the ordinary.

You can buy tongue rings with endings like zippers. They come in many colors and are made of acrylic.
Another type of unique tongue rings shaped like penises – yes! There is even one that glows in the dark!
If you want to make it a step further, you can get vibrating tongue rings. You can insert batteries in them and fire away! And even if you don’t have a tongue piercing you can still try out non-piercing vibrating tongue rings. You just have to put on a rubber band around your tongue.

At last the are unique tongue rings which don’t fall into any of the above mentioned categories with crazy endings looking like geometric figures and similar.

Well, as they say it’s better to see it once than to hear about it a hundred times. So check out these unique tongue rings for affordable price, I bet you’ll satisfy your taste for something different!

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Titanium Tongue Rings

Titanium Tongue RingsCheck out these high-quality pieces of titanium tongue jewelry and get them at a huge discount – up to 80%! Titanium tongue rings are straight barbells. Simple enough. However, the number of available shapes of the top adornments that they come in is just huge!

You will get animals, symbols, all sorts of things like cherries, crosses, stars, skulls, crowns, and crossed bones – in other words everything imaginable! And of course – the naughty titanium tongue rings with symbols like “Sexy” and “69”!

Titanium rings are available in many colors….black, blue, green, purple. And the most interesting titanium color – rainbow.

An interesting thing about titanium tongue rings is that you can use them into your fresh tongue piercings. Titanium, along with stainless steel and bioplast tongue rings, are the best materials to facilitate healing.

So if you’re only considering your tongue piercing you can take the titanium tongue ring with you to the piercing studio and ask the piercer to insert it.

Anyway, fresh tongue piercing or not, but these high quality material tongue rings are very body-friendly and at the same time they’re colorful, funny and will match everyone’s fashion needs.

Titanium tongue rings are also lighter than tongue rings made of other materials like gold or stainless steel. So wearing one of these tongue piercings should be especially comfortable for you.

And if you don’t want anything like the previously mentioned symbols attached to the tongue ring, you can buy a very simple titanium tongue ring with a plain ball on the top. Or a nice, small gemstone set in the middle of it.

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Logo Tongue Rings – from $1.99!!

Logo Tongue RingsWhen you start looking at the logo tongue rings, you’ll see that the available styles, logos, signs and pictures that come on the top ball of tongue rings are way too many to go through! The full catalogue of rings is available by clicking on any of the items below.

Let’s talk about what general types of logo tongue rings you can get and then you can go through them and pick the ones you like best!

First of all I want to mention the cool hologram logo tongue rings. These tongue piercings show different logos when you look at them at different angles eg. ‘Girls Rule’ and ‘Boys Drool’!!

The logo tongue rings come in either made completely from stainless steel and the very logo is from plastic; or only the shaft is made from steel and both balls on either sides are acrylic.

You can also get logo tongue rings made completely from steel and the very logo is made 3-D. It may not be so easily to spot, but then – tastes differ and maybe it’s going to be what you like best.

As the acrylic tongue rings are very cheap, you can even get a bunch of logo tongue rings in different colors and with different logos. The usual price is just under two bucks, so you can easily grab four or five tongue rings. And some of them even have two exchangeable logos!

So there are all kinds of imaginable symbols and logos – naughty slogans, flames, skulls, numbers, in other words – let’s cut this rant and have a look yourself!

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Gold Tongue Rings

Gold Tongue RingsIf you’re in a more sophisticated mood, you may consider buying a gold tongue ring.

Basically it’s going to be a straight barbell to insert into the tongue piercing. But contrary to wearing just a simple acrylic tongue ring, for example, you’ll have a nice feeling of wearing something more exquisite in your mouth!

Besides, a gold tongue ring is a perfect gift for someone close to you who has a tongue piercing. You see, I think these days we’re all more or less tired of the conventional gifts – souvenirs, clothing, gift cards…

So if you know that the girl or a guy whom you’re going to visit for a birthday party has tongue pierced, gold tongue ring would be a gift worth considering.

The price of these pieces of gold body jewelry is fairly affordable as well – you won’t have to lose your shirt when buying one. Starting from a little more than thirty bucks you can get a decent white gold or yellow gold tongue ring.

The available sizes are 14 and 16 gauge and the length of the shafts is starting from 3/8″ and ending with long 3/4″. In the metric system this would be 9.5 mm to 1.9 cm. This is the average size for tongue rings, but if you’re going to give it someone, I suggest you go for a 3/8″ or 1/2″ gold tongue ring.

You see, usually when tongue is getting pierced at the studio, they insert a 12 mm tongue ring. Then, when the swelling goes down in about 7 to 10 days, they replace it with a 10 mm tongue ring. So having a long 1.9 mm tongue ring would be something not-so-common, most likely the piercing would be further back the tongue where the tongue muscle is thicker.

If you pay a bit extra, you can get an internally threaded gold tongue ring as well. The difference between a simple body jewelry and a threaded one is in the threading. Usually the shaft would have the threads and you’d screw the ball onto it. Internally threaded body jewelry, on the other hand, have the threaded part attached to the ball and then you screw it into the shaft.

This way you can prevent all the possible damage that could arise from pushing the threaded part of a common piece of body jewelry through the piercing hole – especially, when it hasn’t healed very well yet. So choose among these white and yellow gold tongue rings and pick the most fitting one for you!

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Clear Tongue Rings

Clear Tongue Rings

Do you need to hide your tongue ring in work, school or college?? Clear tongue rings are the answer. Now all the money you spent on your piercing need not be wasted!! From just $1.99, they are the best value on the market right now.

Clear plastic body jewelry is also called piercing retainers and they can be inserted in pretty much every piercing. Belly button piercings, nose piercings and other facial piercings sometimes need to be masked and by wearing the retainers you can do it very successfully.

Clear tongue rings also come handy when you need to avoid your usual tongue ring to catch onto something, If you, for example, wear a tongue ring with some dangle that often rubs against your teeth or blurs your speech, you can insert a clear tongue ring for everyday wearing.

The choice of the clear tongue rings isn’t very good, however, for the purposes of just hiding your piercing you actually don’t need anything fashionable. A plain, transparent tongue ring is all you need, and below you can see the retainers you can choose from.

There’s one pregnancy belly button ring as well, and if you’re wondering why it’s been put under this category – don’t worry! You can cut this piercing to the desirable size and the shaft made of PTFE is self-threading.

This means you just screw the ball on it and it will make the threads for future use.

So get your ideal clear tongue ring and don’t worry about your tongue piercing on occasions when body piercing can’t be displayed!

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Acrylic Tongue Rings from $1.99!!

Acrylic Tongue RingsAcrylic is one of the most widely used types of plastic these days. So when you’re looking for acrylic tongue rings, you can be assured you’ll face a huge assortment of available styles!

The first thing that is very good when you buy the acrylic tongue rings is the price. Yes, these tongue piercings are the best value on the market. Click on any link below to see prices, larger views and the full range available.

And if you’re wandering what sort of material is used to manufacture the shafts for the acrylic tongue rings at such a small price, the answer is surgical steel.

It’s a very good material for both fresh and healed tongue piercings, so you can rest assured that you’re not saving money on quality. However, maybe it’s not the best idea to insert an acrylic tongue ring into a fresh piercing because you may want to have a higher quality material pressing against your piercing wound while it heals.

For that purpose surgical steel tongue rings with steel balls would be the best option.

Depending on the design and shape of these tongue piercings, the price can start even as little as below two bucks. And as I previously said – the available colors, shapes and designs are so many that you will definitely satisfy your requirements.

There are simple acrylic tongue barbells with two acrylic balls on each end. These balls come into many colors with stripes and symbols and also mono-colored.

So check out these acrylic tongue rings and maybe grab a few at once they’re cheap enough!

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