Black and Green Alien Head Logo Tongue Ring

I have always been a fan of barbell style jewelry for tongue piercings, simply because they are so comfortable and you can get the right size.

My pick for the day is the cool black and green alien head logo barbell tongue ring. This cool color combination looks quite prominent on your tongue and it is nice and smoothly finished, so that it fits snugly.

The logo inlay is striking and quite noticeable when you speak. The alien head logo is unique and mysterious. The barbell is made of 14-gauge 5/8” length 100% safe 316L surgical grade stainless steel and you can get them with 8 mm or 6 mm balls, depending on which you prefer!

The colors black and green complement each other, looking cool on the steel tongue ring. Logo barbell tongue jewelry comes in almost limitless choice, but the black and green alien head logo barbell tongue ring is clearly outstanding.

Add some sexy red lipstick and finish the look, as you fascinate your friends with this interesting tongue ring! 😉

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