Tongue Web Adventure

This tongue piercing story was sent in by Hannah from Leicester, NC.

Tongue Web Piercing Story

Hi 🙂 My name is Hannah. I’ll share the story of how I got my tongue web piercing!

For my 15th birthday, my parents took me to get my tongue web pierced. I was so scared! My mother would always express how painful it would be because she wanted to scare me out of getting it – hehe. Of course it didn’t work  😉

We chose the same shop I got my helix, eyebrow, and nose pierced in because everyone there was friendly and professional. My piercer was very kind, he explained the steps that were going to be taken to pierce my tongue web. He was going to use a single-use needle (and no clamps) to pierce me.

I was terrified of the pain even though I have a high pain tolerance hehe. Once he told me to take a deep breath in, I was expecting the worst. But alas, the pain was nothing! 😉

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