The Enticing Tongue Ring

Amazing Tongue Piercing Jewelry

While certain piercings can have little to no positive effect or impact on a person’s image depending on placement, body jewelry, and the wearer’s unique look, a well chosen piercing can instead have a wonderfully dramatic, attention-capturing effect on the onlooker and can compliment someone’s particular appearance flawlessly.

This woman takes full advantage of this concept by combining her look with her own individual demeanor to create an image that makes it nearly impossible for the viewer to look away!

Her long, snake-like tongue and lashes that look like they should be used in showbiz are what initially grab a person’s eye. After that, the pale eye shadow that contrasts so greatly with her skin color causes the lashes to stand out and show their length that much more while the vibrant lip color draws attention into the already enticing, large mouth and the tongue ring takes over from there, breaking the length of the tongue up into two smaller areas and adding an ever-so-slightly devious edge to an otherwise Cirque Du Soleil exclusive type of look.

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Tongue Piercing in Vegas

This tongue piercing video was sent in by Aleta in Vegas!

I decided to get my tongue pierced just a few years ago here in Vegas. Also in St. Ink’s – a place where I got my dermal anchor.

The reason why I decided to get my tongue piercing was because I just ran out of other things to pierce – so I just wanted one more and I went for a quick one with some of my friends 😉

It didn’t cause me problems with healing – it just got a bit swollen.

They tell you when you get it pierced to eat soup for a few days and what not and that it can get infected very easily.

Tongue Piercing in Vegas

Also they tell you to get a really good piercer to do it or else you can really screw up your tongue.

But I didn’t really have any problems.

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