10-in-1 Interchangeable Tongue Rings

Here at Tongue Rings Guide, we know great value when we see it!! Our latest product – Interchangeable Tongue Rings – is just that and more.

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You did what?!

By Melissa, Watertown, USA.


i have wanted to get my tongue pierced since high school.

i will be 30 next month and have decided to give myself an early birthday gift. i went to an evolution ink where i was suggested to go to because it is very clean and the people are nice.

i went in a week ago and got it done. i asked any questions i had and got the answers i needed. i did get most of my questions from the web. i watched as the piercer got prepared and prepped the things he needed. then it was my turn to get prepped. i had to gargle and put on a “bib” for the saliva. i felt like i was in the dentists office. i leaned back with my arms on the table and closed my eyes. i told the piercer to get it done and over with so i did not have to know when the pain was coming.

it felt like a prick, almost like getting stung by a bee. i love my tongue pierce and so does my husband. i was able to eat right away but still have to be careful. i definitely will tell others how much i like my piercing 😀