Try All Tongue Body Jewelry – Don’t Limit Yourself!

Tongue Body JewelryWell, most likely you have a tongue piercing once you’re reading this website, don’t you?

So let’s talk about what tongue body jewelry is out there so that you can maybe change the things a little bit!
You know, most folks just get the tongue piercing and keep on wearing the barbell they’ve been inserted, and that’s it.

But did you know that there’s so many different tongue body jewelry pieces out there that you could change your tongue ring every day for the rest of your life? OK, I’m maybe slightly exaggerating, but the fact remains – you just HAVE to have a look at the following tongue body jewelry supply to see the real picture!

So, first things first. When you get a tongue piercing, what tongue body jewelry you think is the best? The one that facilitates healing and prevents infections, right? Then you have to look at flexible tongue rings and you’ll find Bioplast tongue jewelry among them. It’s one of the best for the initial tongue piercings!

OK, the initial healing period around 10 days has passed, and you are thinking about changing the tongue ring. It’s actually what professional piercers advise, because when the swelling has gone, a shorter tongue ring needs to be inserted. Among titanium tongue rings you’ll find what you’re looking for! Titanium is a very friendly body jewelry material, and while your new tongue piercing is getting fully healed, it’s the best option.

When your tongue piercing is OK, you’re ready to experiment with the rest tongue body jewelry! For everyday use cheap tongue rings like tongue barbells and logo tongue rings are the best option. They’re really cheap and still made from a high quality material – surgical grade steel.

Also tongue body jewelry with acrylic balls falls into the same category and can be changed frequently as it costs just a few bucks.

But for those special moments you can go for a nice gold tongue ring. You know – a fancy party, or as a gift to a girlfriend or someone close enough! 🙂

But if you want really unique tongue rings, you can check out flashing tongue rings or glow in the dark tongue rings.

Well, what else is left there? I’ve saved the desert for the end! Vibrating tongue rings! I guess you know what purpose these pieces of tongue body jewelry can serve very well, so… you got the point, right? 🙂

And when you wake up in the morning and head to your work, you can insert a clear tongue ring – especially if your boss doesn’t like body jewelry. The transparent barbell will make your tongue piercing invisible; you can take my word for it!

Glow In The Dark Tongue Rings

Glow In The Dark Tongue RingsAs an option of having something that the others don’t you can get tongue rings that glow in the dark.

These glow in the dark tongue rings are great value and you can actually get a few of them when you’re buying some new body jewelry.

Similarly to flashing tongue rings, these tongue rings are a great way of standing out from the crowd. You are guaranteed to have people’s attention!!

And the choice of styles and colors is endless – and they start at just $1.99 – thats up to 80% off RRP!! Click on any link below to see prices, larger views and the full range available.

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Flashing Tongue Ring

Flashing Tongue RingDo you want to draw attention to yourself at the night club? Or you’re probably just bored wearing ordinary tongue body jewelry all the time?

Then a flashing tongue ring is exactly what you’re looking for!

What can be a better moment of surprise to someone having a chat with you than seeing flashing light when you open your mouth?

And you know – you could even probable find a practical use to your flashing tongue ring! Imagine you’ve been out the whole night and coming home. And you just can’t find the damn keyhole to unlock the door! Well – just thrust out your tongue and you have a miniature torch! OK, maybe you never get to a condition when you can’t find a keyhole, but anyway – I think you got the idea! 🙂

Personally I have had situations when I’ve needed a tiny source of light and nothing suitable had been at hand!

The flashing tongue ring comes made from surgical grade stainless steel and it blinks two different colors – green and red. There’s a battery fitted into the top ball of the tongue ring, and you can unscrew it when you need to change it.

So if you need something really unique – a flashing tongue ring is certainly going to add that unique look to your tongue piercing!

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Flexible Tongue Rings

Flexible Tongue RingsFlexible tongue ring has a few advantages over ones made of metal – steel, titanium or even gold.

First of all, flexible tongue rings are made of plastic and they are much lighter than the metallic ones. You will barely feel it when it’s inserted into your tongue!

And the second advantage – it’s flexible! If compared to others, the flexible tongue rings allow for a bigger range of movements and it’s especially important during the very first stage of the healing process.

In this regard I have to mention a very good material such tongue rings come in – Bioplast. This material is flexible, biocompatible and facilitates the healing process at the same time reducing the possibility of getting a tongue piercing infection.

So if you’re considering a flexible tongue ring – Bioplast is the right material to go for, that’s for sure! You can also get other kinds of tongue rings which are elastic, and one that is worth mentioning is a PTFE barbell. This material is even more flexible than Bioplast and the only drawback it has – it doesn’t come with logos and funny words like the Bioplast tongue rings.

However, taking into account that the first tongue ring usually has to be changed to a smaller one, you will probably find that a PTFE barbell is the best for this purpose. It’s relatively cheap, can be cut to the needed size and by the way – PTFE is an implant material. Besides – its balls come in many different colors and you won’t have to put up with wearing a boring plain initial tongue body jewelry.

And by the way – don’t get confused when you see these piercings called pregnancy belly rings. They can be actually inserted whenever you wish, it’s just that they’re most popular among pregnant women who want to keep their belly piercings while the piercing stretches.

With this having said, you’ll be probably on the safe side if choosing a PTFE flexible tongue ring at the moment of getting pierced, and a piece of Bioplast body jewelry later on when the initial piece of jewelry is changed to a smaller one as the tongue’s swelling goes down.

But if you’re having your tongue piercing already for a good while – just browse among the large array of available Bioplast flexible tongue rings and get the ones your heart desires!

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Tongue Rings – from $1.99!!

Cheap Tongue RingsIf you’re looking for great value tongue rings – stop on this page, you’ve found them!

All of our rings are made of the highest quality materials – surgical stainless steel, bioplast and acrylic – so the choice is endless.

The endings of the tongue rings – I mean the balls – come in a huge array of colors and shapes. Made from acrylic – widely used plastic – they will satisfy all your imaginable needs for tongue body jewelry. Stripes, plain balls, glittering balls, balls in red, yellow, white, black, and in all the possible color combinations – that’s what you’ll get when buying acrylic tongue rings.

But if you’re looking for more fun – have a look at the tongue rings with logos on the top ball. You can choose from many types of symbols and words – ‘SHAG’, LSD, BITCH and many many more.

But if you are willing to pay a little bit more, you can get nice Bioplast tongue rings. They’re famous with their body-friendliness because Bioplast is material facilitating the healing processes and preventing tongue infections. So for a price just below five bucks you’ll get to choose from a huge supply of cheap Bioplast tongue rings.

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Tongue Web Piercing – Who’s Going To Notice It?

Tongue Web PiercingTongue web piercing is a very interesting type of oral piercing. I added it to the tongue piercing category; however, it’s not actually going through the tongue.

Tongue web piercing goes through the webbing right under the tongue – you know, the one which becomes visible when you lift up your tongue.

They say that the healing process is quite fast and usually no complications are observed – of course, if you adhere to the proper tongue piercing aftercare advice.

And it all makes sense because the small web under the tongue is a tiny little piece of tissue and no wonder it heals fast.

However, one thing puzzles me when I see the tongue web piercing. Namely – who’s going to see this piercing if you don’t lift up your tongue? We get body piercings so that the others would see them, right? And even if you have a genital piercing you don’t have to lift up any flop of skin so that the piercing becomes visible…

Anyway, there are folks who have this kind of tongue piercing and most likely it comes with a combination with other piercings. You know – just to make fun and boast to friends to have a body piercing they don’t have.

Well, on the other hand, the fact that no-one is going to see your tongue web piercing can be actually an advantage. Let’s assume you really want some facial or oral body piercing. But you have a job, for example, where the company’s policy forbids wearing body jewelry. Even the usual tongue ring may be noticed by your boss.

So this is when the tongue web piercing comes handy. No-one on Earth will tell you that you have your tongue pierced and sure you won’t lift up your tongue when speaking to your boss, will you?

Oh yes, if you’re probably wondering if the tongue web piercing has been recorded in the ancient cultures and tribes – the answer is: ‘no’. There are no recordings known to us that someone before the 90ies would have their tongue web pierced…

Get Horizontal Tongue Piercing To Shock Others!

Horizontal Tongue PiercingHave you ever considered getting a horizontal tongue piercing? It is something different and not many of your friends have it.

However there are a few things to be considered before you go to a piercing studio to get a horizontal tongue piercing.

First off, due to the unique placement of the tongue ring, it’s very important to pierce the tongue horizontally in the right place. You see, when we speak our tongue bends in certain places more than others. So these areas are very important for speech creation and if the horizontal tongue piercing is performed there, speech damage is nearly unavoidable.

Secondly, the right length of the tongue barbell has to be chosen because you certainly need to avoid the endings of the body jewelry piece rubbing against your teeth. In a long run you can permanently damage your teeth and gums if you ignore this advice. So the best way to approach the horizontal tongue piercing would be choosing a barbell with endings which sit tightly in the surface of the tongue.

Thirdly, as you can imagine, it’s by far easier to pierce the tongue vertically than horizontally. Besides, the tongue consists of fiber-like muscles and it’s not really that painful to pierce the piercing needle through them from the top to the bottom.

But now imagine when you have to pierce the tongue across from the left to the right side. It’s going to be definitely a more painful process than the usual tongue piercing. On top of that it’s very important to avoid the major blood-vessels running through the tongue. And it’s again harder to spot them when piercing the tongue horizontally and the piercer will probably use a flashlight to spot the veins.

In other words, if you really want the horizontal tongue piercing, you need to understand that it’s not as innocent as it may look. Many piercers even don’t consider this type of a piercing a viable one because of the potential effect on the oral health.

Anyway, once you want to go for the horizontal tongue piercing, the main things to remember are:

go to a really professional piercing studio
make sure the piercer knows what he’s up to and that he’s a competent enough to perform the horizontal tongue piercing
choose a flexible tongue ring and make sure it’s the right length.

After the swelling is gone and the fresh horizontal tongue piercing is well healed you will certainly want to adjust the length of the tongue ring to make sure the beads on the either side sit tight in the tongue’s surface.

There is even PTFE body jewelry you can cut to size if you want so don’t save your money on your oral health!

Double Tongue Piercing Or Venom Piercing?

Double Tongue PiercingIf you want to have more exiting tongue piercing experience, you can certainly consider double tongue piercing.

As the very name suggests, you’re going to have two tongue rings inserted into your tongue and the placement is totally up to you. If you wish, you can arrange the tongue piercings in a vertical line – this is somtimes referred to as angel piercing, but the term also refers to two monroe piercings on either side of the face. The other option is the Venom Piercing (sometimes called the Viper Piercing) where the two piercings are placed horizontally on either side of the tongue.

Just take into account that if you’re going to place your next tongue piercing further down the tongue, it may swell up considerably more than usual. The body piercers know that the deeper the tongue piercing is to the throat, the more it’s going to swell up.

You can go the other way as well if you want to add another tongue ring. You can get the second piercing closer to the tip of the tongue where the tongue muscle isn’t that thick.

However, if this is the case, you definitely need to consult with the piercer to ensure double tongue piercing is not going to damage your teeth or blur your speech.

Venom PiercingThe best body jewelry for the double tongue piercing and venom piercing is simple tongue rings – straight barbells. You can find them in loads of different materials, colors and with a hell lot of variety of endings.
You’ll never run out of ideas to impress others when having venom piercing in your tongue! Imagine if you insert tongue rings with tiny spikes in your double tongue piercingâ! It indeed looks like snake fangs!

One last thing about venom piercing – lip piercings placed on the either side of the lip can be called venom piercings so don’t get confused if you’re googling up additional related tongue piercing information.

Whatever you decide, check out all the latest styles in the Tongue Rings Guide shop. Jewelry starts at just $1.99 and there is free wordwide delivery on orders of $19.99 or above.

Tongue Barbells – from $1.99!!

Tongue BarbellsCheck out our huge choice of Tongue Barbells below – prices start at just $1.99 – thats up to 80% off RRP!!

Tongue barbells are also called tongue rings. Yes, I know they don’t look nothing like rings, but it’s now become a common description for many body jewelry types – belly button rings, nose rings.

However, the belly rings are actually bananabells, but the nose rings – studs or screws.

And you can’t actually insert a ring into the tongue piercing unless you have it pierced at the very rim. But traditionally you will be able to insert only tongue barbells.

Unlikely other barbells – like belly button barbells – tongue barbells are only straight, they don’t come bent. The reason for this is very simple – there’s not need for it! Your tongue muscle doesn’t require any other shape of a piercing because the piercing goes straight through.

Usually the tongue barbells come into sizes starting from 3/8″ and ending with long 3/4″. Why such a difference in sizes? Well, it’s going to depend on where exactly you have your tongue pierced.

If you have the piercing around the middle of the tongue – you know, the most common location – the tongue barbell’s length will be approximately 10 mm.

If you have the tongue piercing closer to the front of the tongue, the tongue barbell has to be shorter. And, logically, it has to be much longer if pierced further down the tongue.

So why is it so important to have the tongue barbell in the right size? The reason is the following – you have to make sure the tongue ring’s adornment is not going to bother you while speaking or eating. Therefore it must sit closely at the surface of the tongue!

Usually when your tongue is pierced, they insert 12 mm tongue barbell and when the piercing is not swollen anymore, they replace it with a 10 mm tongue ring.

The materials available are titanium, bioplast, stainless steel and gold. The available styles and shapes are so many, that it would take ages to describe them all! You better check them out below and see what you like best!

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Vibrating Tongue Rings

Vibrating Tongue RingsAdded sensation! Increased pleasure! Those who’ve tried vibrating tongue rings say that the experience is unforgettable!

There are basically three kinds of vibrating tongue rings on the market at the moment.

The first type is a tongue ring with a plain vibrating element where you insert the batteries. The tongue ring is made of stainless steel and the very vibrating element is chrome plated.

The second type is pretty similar with only one difference. The vibrating part of the tongue ring is made of silicone and has spikes all around it!

The only thing you have to count with these vibrating tongue rings should be used only when your tongue piercing is well healed. You know when you’re going to let your emotions run wild, you won’t be able to control yourself very well, and you can simply hurt your fresh piercing.

That’s the last thing you want, isn’t it? So if you eager to try a vibrating tongue ring right now, but you don’t even have a tongue piercing, you can avail of the third type of this sexual body jewelry. Non-piercing vibrating tongue rings!

Yes, you just have to put the hypoallergenic silicone band on your tongue and work away!

So choose the most fitting vibrating tongue body jewlery for yourself and your partner right now and make your sexual life a whole lot different!

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